NEW IN: Makeup Revolution

So, I've never been a 'Blush' person, I carry a small blush palette by Sleek, which is one, modest peach toned compact shade that I lightly apply to my already reddened cheeks. Hence why I don't spend too much money on Blush related products, and stick to the more affordable brands that will still do the trick. This week's affordable purchase is from Makeup Revolution, a brand I've of course heard great things about, but never tried until now. The Ultra Blush Sugar & Spice Palette and the Golden Sugar Palette were obvious picks for me, gorgeous yet affordable new palettes to try. What are your go-to Blush products?

Get Ready With Me: Night Out w/ Airtime

I don't know about you but for me, getting ready for events, nights out or parties can be such a lengthy, stressful experience since I'm always late and can never decide what to where whilst in the middle of singing along to my favourite hit songs. It's a mess. But today I thought I'd do a Night Out Get Ready With Me so we can stress out together, however I'd also like to introduce a new key element to my getting ready experience in the form of an app; the Airtime App. What is your getting ready experience like? 

NEW IN: Latest Sephora Pickups

Just before I went completely broke getting my hands on Kylie Cosmetics' new Kyshadow and the  Matte Liquid Lipstick Dolce K, I had a little shopping spree on for a few things I need to top up on or replace. If you're a regular around here then you'll know that I adore Sephora and whenever I get the chance to visit one I relish it. Sephora stores, however, don't always have all the brands that I like e.g. Too Faced, so it's always more fun receiving all the things I like through the post instead. But this time I went for Sleek, Benefit and a gem from the Sephora Collection itself. 

6 Months Of Birchbox | The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

As I mentioned in my previous Birchbox Unboxing post for July, I am doing a 6 monthly review of all the products that I've received from Birchbox so far. The good, the bad and the ugly. I think it would give you and I a chance to see how worth it Birchbox has been since January, and see whether its worth subscribing to (and for me, continuing my subscription). I have a yearly subscription which came to around £130 (average price for most boxes), but as much as I love Birchbox, I'm always open to trying other subscription services to find the best one, with the best products and value for money. What subscription service do you like? 

Kylie Cosmetics Unboxing ~ First Impressions

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