Mini Winter 2016 Lookbook | The Faves

You may have already guessed/read in previous posts that I am currently at University (and can't wait for the Christmas Holidays so I can go home) so the majority of my Autumn/Winter wardrobe have been simple, staple piece based looks for a school environment. I thought I'd put together a Mini Look Book of my favourite pieces for the season that I love wearing, featuring Zaful, DressLily, Rose Gal and a little help from Betabrand. Right now in the bitter cold, I love wearing my usual favourites but adding a little extra warmth to suit the season. What are your current favourite looks for the season? 

The Lingerie Edit | #Brablems

Lingerie is one of less talked about or blogged about subjects out there, but I just as much want to talk about lingerie as I do the latest Mulberry bag or newest holy grail foundation. I recently came across some amazing quality, affordable lingerie from Forever 21 and everyones favourite, H&M, so I wanted to put together a little something about my faves, but also some more high end because everyone knows I love Victoria's Secret more than anything. I've also teamed up with Third Love to bring my readers a helpful bra guide and a discount code! On top of that We'll be discussing those pesky #Brablems, and a few ways to resolve them. What are your favourties lingerie brands?

Current Eye Wardrobe | The Faves

I adore the autumn/winter makeup seasons for many reasons, but updating my Eye wardrobe is by far my favourite thing about seasonal makeup changes. As you may know from previous eye shadow palette posts, I am obsessed with anything eye shadow palette related, so switching up the intensity of my shadow looks is one of the best feelings. I thought I'd put together my key eye wardrobe features for this coming season with some old faves and some new exciting additions. With Christmas this close, I'm thinking about the gorgeous intense looks I can do for the festivities this year, its all so exciting! What are your current cold weather eye wardrobe faves? 

Thoughts of The Day | Uni, Blog Updates + more

So it's been a while since I did a more chit chat life based post, but seeing as university work and life in general has been getting in the way of my passions i.e. blogging fashion and beauty, I wanted to take this much deserved break from work to get back in and talk about what's been going on lately. If you're at college/high school and are thinking of going to university, my experience from the last 3 months might help, but also if you're just an interested reader who wants the low down on my life, blog and what's to come, then keep reading. I'll try not to be too long winded!

Autumn + Winter Lip Transitions

Aaaaannddd we're back! You may have noticed I had some issues with my Go Daddy domain renewal and basically my blog wasn't 'my blog' for about 48 hours or so; it was super scary. But we're back now, and I'll address all that fun stuff in an upcoming post. For today I wanted to chat about my current lip transitions for Autumn/Winter, diving into some of the changes I will/won't be making this season. My makeup kit stays with me wherever I go (I travel a lot, so I carry a huge vanity case) but what I reach for tends to change when the colder weather starts coming in. That being said there are some lippies I reach for, no matter what season it is. What are your autumn/winter lip transitions this year? 

October Birchbox Unboxing

I feel like every month these boxes are just getting better and better, and even though I'm almost at the end of my subscription, there's no sadness at all I'm just filled with delight every time one of them comes to my door. In the spirit of Autumn/Winter beauty transitioning, this months box has definitely provided me with products that are ideal for taking care of the hair and skin when the weather gets colder and the skin needs a little more love. What did you receive in your subscription box this month?

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