Yoga | Why it's my practice too

     It only feels right to do my first health and fitness post on Yoga, because I love it so very much. When you first begin a health and fitness regime, and I mean for the very first time like I did 2 years ago, you'll naturally expect to see physical changes and results in your body, but after adopting a cardio and strength regime with a healthy diet, I added yoga to my fitness routine and the game changed completely. Not only did I look better but I felt better, and for the first time as well as being able to bend into certain positions I could never have dreamt of doing (back bends and the most uncomfortable twists ever), I was able to clear my mind and focus on a wholly new me. That may have sounded way too cheesy for your liking but what can I say, yoga really has changed my life. So today I want to talk about why yoga is absolutely life changing and worth it, and why any negative press attached to it is completely false.

TBT | A Victoria's Secret affair

    Above all things, the one thing you must know about me is that I'm deeply in love with Victoria's secret. You can moan and tut all you like, but yes the gorgeous lingerie, the glamorous lotions and perfumes (and don't forget those adorable puppies, of which I have 5 so far) have had me hooked for years. Since the age of about 15, I've been hugely obsessed with VS. I've watched all the runway shows since 1995 (yes 1995!), and I know all the models past and present; from Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen to Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo. That is how utterly obsessed I really am. So, since it's thursday I thought this tied in nicely with the tale of my very first visit to a Victoria's Secret store. 

    It was three days after my 16th birthday (or 'sweet sixteen') and, as promised, my dad took myself and a friend to London from our little pastoral crevice in the countryside. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't London that had me swooning (after all I was born there and spent half my life living amid the London bustle), but it was, in fact, the prospect of making my first ever trip to the Victoria's Secret Oxford Street wonderland. 

Life | My inspiration

     Today I thought I'd talk about what inspired me to begin blogging because getting into blogging wasn't the first thing that popped into my head when I really got into beauty and what not, so I think it's important to remember and acknowledge the things and the people who inspired me to enter the blogsphere. I'd say I am or was a very capricious, fickle person as when I was growing up I never really settled for one thing that I loved and stuck with it, and made no commitments to passions I once thought I had. Like, for instance, from roughly the age of 12 to 14 I wanted to a be vet so badly, and I couldn't at the time see anything else in my future. Then I grew to be obsessed with tomboy hobbies (like wrestling and football, not gonna lie) and left the girly things alone for a while, but they were always there and I knew I would come back to them. So now, as I said, beauty is a huge part of my life and whilst I don't claim to be an expert I'd like to think trying and testing products and food (and workouts and clothes and.....) and sharing those experiences with whoever will read this blog is a great way to spend my time and spread my horizons. 

         So on to what inspired me. This may be so cliched and you've probably heard this before, but watching youtube is a huge part of why I love beauty so much and love blogging too. By no means do I want to start a YouTube channel at all, but the women I watch talk about their favourite products and what they've bought (hauls are the best, you have to admit it) made me want to partake in this universal sharing experience (and shop...a lot) and vent my beauty obsessions to people who share the same obsessions. So, here I've gathered my top four beauty YouTubers and bloggers who have inspired me the most. 

                                                                          Ruth Crilly
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Soap and Glory 'A Brush For Greatness' | Review

Now I know what your all thinking, 'why not just get a Clarisonic Mia Jess?', well whilst its currently on the top of my wishlist and every penny I earn is going towards it, I am yet to use what is considered to be the best facial exfoliating solution out there. So for all those who don't have or use the Clarisonic, stay tuned for I have purchased a nifty, money saving (slightly downgraded) version.

My recent mission when entering Boots was to buy a facial exfoliating brush, but not this one. The buy 1 get 1 half price offer on all Boots Botanics products was beaconing me like a white chocolate magnum, but I couldn't help but want to try Soap and Glory's rendition of an otherwise mundane exfoliating tool. Now, judging by the name of this blog, you can tell I love pink, so as often as I try to stay clear of purchasing due to aesthetics, in this case the cute baby pink colour, unfortunatly this time I relented. But it wasn't just the colour that I was drawn to. As a long term soap and glory user (mainly due to birthdays and Christmas, you know what I mean), I have grown to not only like but adore this brand for its always been a reliable source of a morning glow or a sweet citrusy scent throughout the day. So for only £6.50 I bought it and eagerly rushed home to try it.

The first thing I noticed was it's not only got a white set of bristles, but it's donned with a silicone brush head on the reverse side said to be a nice massaging tool to 'stimulate circulation'. The white bristles are sturdy and neat but not to harsh on the skin. Plus, the delicate massaging tool is so smooth and relaxing I could sit there massaging my face for hours. As recommended (but I would of done this anyway), I use it once a day only as part of my evening Skin care routine (which I will be posting soon), mainly because I see no need to thoroughly exfoliate my face in the morning when theres hardly any dirt to remove in the first place. So, for an evening pamper I like to use this to literally 'take the day off' of my face. And boy does it do just that. Again, not having used the Clarisonic Mia, I don't know how this compares to the results you'll obtain, but what I do know is that after just my second use of this brush I noticed a huge difference.

A few pumps of cleanser on the brush and warm water on your face, going all over your face in a circular motion, just once, should do the trick. However, if you do know of any 'problem areas' on your visage then feel free to go over them more than once (thats my T-zone for me). Then a splash of warm water and a hot flannel takes off the remaining cleanser, and your done. Massaging is optional, but I always like it, I feel it soothes the face after a slightly more abrasive cleanse before bed. Then I'd normally continue with my routine using a toner, serum and a moisturiser to finish. And that quick routine really does pay off; it keeps your pores unclogged and your skin smooth and ensures easy make-up application.

So for all of you out there looking to purchase a nifty little tool to exfoliate your face with, thats not a Clarisonic Mia for whatever reason you have, look no further.

This brush is available from here or your local boots store should stock it.

The start of something new

        Hello and welcome to my new blog, my internet home and the perfect place to share all that I know about beauty, skincare and lifestyle.

       Being only 17, I'd hate to say I'm mature for my age because that's simply untrue, but I'd say I know more about these areas than most people my age, having grown up in a nutrition savy household and developed a quick obsession with skin care products and most other beauty related things.

     I'm just an ordinary girl from London looking to share with the world (or whoever reads this blog) my thoughts, feelings and favourite things, so if I interest you or intrigue you or even relate to you then stick with this blog and follow me on this journey of mine x

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