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     Today I thought I'd talk about what inspired me to begin blogging because getting into blogging wasn't the first thing that popped into my head when I really got into beauty and what not, so I think it's important to remember and acknowledge the things and the people who inspired me to enter the blogsphere. I'd say I am or was a very capricious, fickle person as when I was growing up I never really settled for one thing that I loved and stuck with it, and made no commitments to passions I once thought I had. Like, for instance, from roughly the age of 12 to 14 I wanted to a be vet so badly, and I couldn't at the time see anything else in my future. Then I grew to be obsessed with tomboy hobbies (like wrestling and football, not gonna lie) and left the girly things alone for a while, but they were always there and I knew I would come back to them. So now, as I said, beauty is a huge part of my life and whilst I don't claim to be an expert I'd like to think trying and testing products and food (and workouts and clothes and.....) and sharing those experiences with whoever will read this blog is a great way to spend my time and spread my horizons. 

         So on to what inspired me. This may be so cliched and you've probably heard this before, but watching youtube is a huge part of why I love beauty so much and love blogging too. By no means do I want to start a YouTube channel at all, but the women I watch talk about their favourite products and what they've bought (hauls are the best, you have to admit it) made me want to partake in this universal sharing experience (and shop...a lot) and vent my beauty obsessions to people who share the same obsessions. So, here I've gathered my top four beauty YouTubers and bloggers who have inspired me the most. 

                                                                          Ruth Crilly
Photo c/o
So to begin with I'll talk about Ruth. She's a British model and a hugely successful beauty blogger and YouTuber (if your not subscribed to her or reading her blog already, shame on you!). Her channel has make-up tutorials galore and a plethora of skincare and make-up product recommendations, hence her name 'A model recommends'. She's so down to earth and honest, plus I don't think there's one thing she can't help you with whether it's fitness, healthy eating, confidence or of course just looking good!

Ruth's (amazing) blog:

                                                                     Caroline Hirons

Photo c/o Caroline's blog
This woman really needs no introduction because the fabulous Caroline Hirons is on everyones radar ALL the time. Not only is she an absolute goddess when it comes to beauty (and she's British too), but her highly sought after, treasured tips and recommendations are literally the best out there. She is a third generation beauty insider and you can actually book a skin consultation with her (which I am yet to have the chance of experiencing, sad face). I don't think just one 'nice' word really suffices if I tried to describe her, she is truly that great. Caroline, whilst being a fantastic person, is not a soft touch. She knows what she's talking about, so she's always brutally honest and never beats around the bush (which is what we need, someone who won't sell us products that don't work). If your into skincare, make-up and all things beauty she can be your beauty insider sidekick for life. 

Carolines YouTube Channel: (subscribe now, it's a must!)

                                                           Carli Bybel

Photo courtesy of
Part of my brain can't quite comprehend Carli Bybel's existence because she is absolute perfection. This american beauty was the first actual 'beauty' YouTuber I subscribed to and now literally every time she uploads a video I've watched it more than five times in a single day. Unfortunately, she is american which means I cannot, unless I lived there (or raised enough funds to travel there) have a make-over from her or a consultation with her (double sad face)! But don't panic, her YouTube channel has plenty of priceless videos worth watching and her blog is littered with the most gorgeous outfit ideas and tutorials. Plus she loves cute!!

                                                           Essie Button

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I have to stop off at Essie Button land because she is truly magical and inspires thoughts of rainbows and the sweetest candy, and is also someone who could instantly be your best friend. She is a Canadian who moved to Britain and is now a successful YouTuber and blogger with over half a million subscribers! Not only is she a hugely reliable recommender (that word just doesn't sound right somehow!) of so many products, but she often sits down with you and just talks about every day issues and she is so relatable and of course helpful as hell. What's more is that she is such a hilarious person, so she always knows how to lighten the mood and make you super comfortable when your watching her videos. You need her in your life, just don't question it.

Ok so we all have guilty pleasures and one of mine is sitting in front of my computer on YouTube and watching videos like they're movies. But, luckily for me that somewhat embarrassing (to some anyway) 'guilty pleasure' lead me on to finally join the many bloggers out there blogging away and, even as early as it is, I really don't regret it. 

Thanks for reading guys x


  1. This blog is amazing. I so very much enjoy all of the product reviews, which have aided me in choosing good quality items for my skincare routine. In addition, I have followed all of your recommended beauty blogs, and so far, I have very much enjoyed reading their blogs too (not as much as yours, of course!) I am anticipating all of the posts that are yet to come on this fantantastic blog and am so excited to learn more about the beauty world from your perspective. I can't wait to recommend this blog to all of my friends, who will be just as delighted as I am to read it. Thank you for being an inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you appreciate my product reviews, and there are lots more to come, I promise! I love how I've helped you with your skin care routine, as I know how important my skin care routine is to me too. I hope your friends like my blog as much as you do and I'm delighted to have inspired you, as thats all I hope to do with this blog, lots of love Jessica Anna x


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