Surprise Find | H&M Bees Wax and Jojoba Oil Lip balm

Quite a few years ago I had a rather obsessive fixation on H&M's clothing and lingerie collections, partly due to an over indulgence from distant relatives who caught on and bought me numerous gift cards like there was no tomorrow. Whilst in love with their sartorial collections, I knew never to trust their somewhat basic attempts at a cosmetics collection, which is probably why you don't see the likes of Gisele or Beyonce them advertising ever. But I'm not just basing my judgement on their lack of cosmetics endorsement, I actually tried a few products in their range and either broke out in spots or felt no effect what so ever (watery creams and plastic-y 'stuff').

So lesson learned and I never touched another H&M beauty product again. UNTIL, I found this flowery tube hidden amid the rubble (literally rubble, H&M can be so untidy sometimes!) and picked it up, intrigued and lured in by the fact that it was (of course) pink, organic, and suited my make-up bag rather well. Now this was at least 3 years ago, and only recently have I realised how good it really is! I took it to college and shared it out whenever I was asked if I had a lip balm spare and those who used it always said how great it was, and, of course, I agreed like I knew exactly what I'd purchased and why. Hence the pen marks and ragged appearance.

 I'm still not sure what brand it is, it says 'Ecocert' (never heard of it) and it says 'H&M' so I guess it might be a small company making cosmetics for H&M from time to time. It doesn't sound British or American, so I'm at a total loss really. As you may be able to tell it's got very little left in it since I had my sudden 'realisation' of it's brilliance and persisted to use it twice a day, every day for the past few months. It's actually become part of my morning and night time routine; after moisturising i'd put it on and it lasts for hours! I don't have to use any other lip balm throughout the day and I wake up with plump, pink, supple lips; just how you want them really (a smooth base for a nice lip gloss or lip stick right?). This is probably due to the surprisingly amazing ingredients; Jojoba Oil and bees wax; thats as organic as it it gets! You can see why I'm raving about it now can't you? A younger me purchased this on the spur of the moment based on the colour scheme alone and now, the older me is thanking 15 year old Jess. What are the chances of this actually happening? By now your probably thinking 'why is she still rambling on about it, it's only lip balm!' This is why I have a beauty blog.

It's great to have gotten that off my chest! It's taught me that you only really see the true worth in something when you didn't expect miracles from it. Life lesson learned. Comment with any similar stories or experiences, and whether you've come across this diamond in the rough in your local H&M like I did, I actually don't know if they even sell it any more, but if they do it's dirt cheap and very worth it.

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