Glamour's gorgeous gift for beauty lovers this month

    Isn't it just great when a magazine has a free gift that you actually really want? Is it just me or do most free samples always end up watery or the nail polish is a ridiculously stupid colour you would never wear. As you can tell I've never trusted magazines (even the best ones) to provide readers with free gifts actually worth trying, so I'm always skeptical when a cheap magazine claims their gift is worth somewhere in the region of £30 or more. Unbelievable right? 
   Well, this months Glamour has significantly shrunk my skepticalities because it's free gift is genuinely amazing. A product top of my all time wish list is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +, so when it cropped up on the cover this month as a free gift (considering the magazine is only £2) of course I grabbed it without hesitation. Admittedly I'm not a Glamour Magazine reader, I'm very set in my ways so I just stick to Vogue and Elle (oh get you!), therefore I had my doubts about whether or not to trust a magazine I've hardly every purchased. But it must be Britain's No.1 women's magazine for a reason right?

      I love trying new products before I break the bank getting the full sized versions, so that I can test it on my skin. Even the most highly anticipated or raved about products may not be compatible with your skin type and could do more harm than good. I always believe you should never force your skin to accept products just because they're really expensive and high end or loved by celebrities; the price tag or a celebrity endorsement does not mean it will work for you. If your skin doesn't like something your putting on it, it will let you know in a not so nice fashion. Breakouts, rough, dry patches and overall dull looking skin can be signs the products you're using are no good. So, it's times like these when you must sieze the moment.
     Last night I tried the Clinique moisturiser for the very first time, in the place of my regular Soap and Glory moisuriser and it rocked! Not only did my skin soak up all the moisture, but in the morning I had a beautiful glow to my complexion that I'd never seen before. This has just pushed me over the edge now; I have to buy this thing. I never thought I'd be saying this but thank you Glamour (and Clinique of course) for enlightening me further and making my skin smooth and bright. 

    So to all of you who have the same doubts as me about free samples and gifts in magazines (and anyone else reading), just this once take my word for it and get this one, because of all the free gifts out there right now this one has to be no.1 priority for you.

Have a nice day!

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