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        New York Fashion week has finally arrived! It feels like so long since we last experienced this highly buzzed about event, and as expected, the world has been waiting in anticipation for this moment. Watching runway shows is one of my many passions; I thoroughly enjoy seeing my favourite models and designers on the runway, but also discovering new ones. It doesn't get any better than that. 

        So for the FFF  #3 I thought it would be great to show you guys what my favourite collections for Spring 2015 have been and what surprises I've found so far from the big names and big designers at this seasons New York Fashion week. Today you'll see my favourite looks from days 1-4 of the runway shows and then next week, I'll be showing you the remaining four days of my favourites, so stay tuned! To show you why I loved these collections so much, I've included my favourite pieces from each one; some will have more, some will have less, depending on how much I loved that particular collection.

So without further ado here are my favourite collections from days 1-4; 

Coach (Day 1, September 4th)

This collection by Coast was a very pleasant surprise for me, because not only have I not heard of them before, but their collection is so unique to anything I've ever seen. It was definitely a stand out collection. I loved the animal themed jumpers and the relaxed, yet extremely chic aesthetic Coast applied throughout the collection for Spring 2015.

To see the rest of Coach's collection click here.
To shop Coast, click here.

Lacoste (Day 3, September 6th)

To see the rest of Lacoste's collection click here.
To shop Lacoste, click here.

Alexander Wang (Day 3, September 6th)

To see the rest of Alexander Wang's collection click here.
To shop Alexander Wang, click here.

Victoria Beckham (Day 4, September 7th)

To see the rest of Victoria Beckam's collection click here.
To shop Victoria Beckham, click here.

Diane Von Furstenberg (Day 4, September 7th)

As you can see Diane Von Furstenberg's collection was by far my favourite and I've only been able to show you 14 of the pieces I loved, there were more but I had to narrow them down (tough decisions). For me this was also the most exciting collection as I did get to see quite a few familiar faces coming down the runway; Candice Swanepoel, Kendall Jenner, and not mention a surprise appearance from the legend Naomi Campbell right at the end (shame I didn't like the outfit she was in though). 

To see the rest of Diane Von Furstenberg's collection click here.
To shop Diane Von Furstenberg, click here.

       Overall the first 4 days of Fashion week have been exceptional with a plethora of new, innovative designs and some extra special surprises. On a negative note, some designers that I was expecting to love, kinda let me down. Jason Wu was one of them, he included a lot of leafy green patterns and prints that I really didn't like. Donna Karen also disappointed me with both her DKNY collection and her own label Donna Karen; DKNY has some dreadful colour clashes and Donna Karen was just so underwhelming. Most disappointingly Carolina Herrera's collection didn't wow me at all, and I couldn't see one outfit I liked. But you tell me what you thought, we all have different likes and dislikes, so it'll be nice to see what other people thought of the collections so far. Thats what fashions about.

To see the other designers' collections click here.

      On a positive note however, the collections I did like were amazing and I've thoroughly enjoyed watching the shows so far (and seeing my favourite models), so it's not all bad. All opinions are welcome so comment down below with your thoughts. Thanks for reading x

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