Fashion Feature Friday #4 | New York Fashion Week 2.0

      Welcome to the second edition of my New York Fashion week series where I'm going to show you my remaining four days of favourites. I was absolutely blown away by the first four days, but then completely mind blown by days 5-8. There was definitely more to see later on in the week; I suspect they left the best until last. Either way I was so impressed by the work showcased here and I'm so sad it's all over and done with already. Luckily, I'll be going through my favourite London Fashion Week collections next week, so we get to relive those great moments again too. 

Lets get started with days 5-8 of NYFW;

Tommy Hilfiger (Day 5, September 8th)

To see the rest of Tommy Hilfiger's collection click here.
To shop Tommy Hilfiger, click here.

The Row (Day 5, September 8th)
     This collection my Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen was delightfully unique and stunningly simple. I loved the shapes used and the way their designes we're strong, bold and beautiful. Outstanding!

To see the rest of The Row's collection click here.
To shop The Row, click here.

Zac Posen (Day 5, September 8th)
     I have to admit, I was expecting rather spectacular things from Zac Posen only because I watch him judge other peoples designs on Project Runway every week, and he has very high standards that I sometimes disagree with. But I have to say he definitely stunned this Fashion Week, and I love his whole collection!

To see the rest of Zac Posen's collection click here.
To shop Zac Posen, click here.

Zero + Maria Cornejo (Day 5, September 8th)

To see the rest of Zero +Maria Cornejo's collection click here.
To shop Zero + Maria Cornejo, click here.

Tory Burch (Day 6,September 9th)

To see the rest of Tory Burch's collection click here.
To shop Tory Burch, click here.

Vera Wang (Day 6, September 9th)

To see the rest of Vera Wang's collection click here.
To shop Vera Wang, click here.

Marc by Marc Jacobs (Day 6, September 9th)

To see the rest of Marc by Marc Jacobs' collection click here.
To shop Marc by Marc Jacobs, click here.

Oscar de la Renta (Day 6, September 9th)

       To see the rest of Oscar's collection click here.
To shop Oscar de la Renta, click here.

Michael Kors (Day 7, September 10th)

To see the rest of Micahel's collections click here.
To shop Michael Kors click here.

Hugo Boss (Day 7, September 10th)

To see the rest of Hugo Boss' collection click here.
To shop Hugo Boss click here.

Marc Jacobs (Day 8, September 11th)

To see the rest of Marc Jacobs' collection click here.
To shop Marc Jacobs click here.

    This is one of the best New York Fashion Weeks I can remember and I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through every collection and picking my favourites! If I had to choose an ultimate favourite, it would be Michael Kors hands down (you may have been able to tell!), I would wear anything and everything from his collection with pride and exuberance, it was extraordinary. But overall I've liked so many pieces that came down the runways in New York and can't wait to share my favourites from London with you next week. 

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