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       For today's post I thought I'd go back to the basics and talk about my love of Vogue. Now, for a magazine that's been going since 1892, published in over 20 countries, it's become one of those legendary icons of the fashion industry along with other legends like Coco Channel and Louis Vuitton. It's tempting to love it just because of it's history and it's infamous links with some of the worlds most influential figures in fashion, but there's more than just it's history to love it for. 

      Vogue sees fashion as it should be seen; an art form to be celebrated and adored. That includes photography, modelling, make-up artistry and styling as well as the obvious clothing designs. It treats you like you know you're stuff (even if you don't) and holds it's readers in such a high regard from the word go. I know this may sound crazy, but ever since I started buying Vogue way back in 06' I haven't gotten rid of a single issue. Not one. And I'm a frequent buyer. I'm young and I'll be the first one to say that I don't know a lot about Vogue's history, or the history of fashion for that matter, but I did feel a hell of a lot more informed once I started reading it, and I don't regret developing this slight obsession.

      Below I have deconstructed the latest issue of Vogue (Cara Delevingne happens to be rocking the September cover) and shown you some (there are many more) of the best parts to feast your eyes on. For those of you who are like me and read almost every issue (unless we're somehow hospitalised), then you'll know what's to come, but for Vogue newbies, welcome to my heaven.

Believe it or not Vogue never used to feature models or actors, or people for that matter, on the cover until the late 1930's. Back in the day (and I mean way back) there was a painting or drawing of an elegant woman in a chic then contemporary outfit, instead of a model in a designer label like Balmain. Vogue has grown up throughout the centuries to what it is now and what you read and see on every page is a piece of history modernised before your very eyes. 

A lot of people complain about the amount of adverts and fashion campaigns crowding Vogue's pages, making it as thick as a novel. But like I said, photography and make-up artistry as well as clothing design are art in their own right, so to me I don't mind at all. In fact I take my time when I read an issue of Vogue; I scan page by page of campaigns noting the designers, models and my overall impressions in my head. Does that sound weird? I just love what they do. Also, you can get so many amazing ideas of what do you with your make-up or hair.

In more recent years, Vogue has become far more aware and respecting of street fashion and culture, not just pleasing the rich and famous. We all started somewhere and so did Vogue, therefore it makes sense that they'd celebrate our universal love of fashion starting with the city streets and suburbs. You never know what you'll find. Vogue can inspire you to want to travel the world, learn a dozen more languages and live a whole new life. 

As you can see, I often use Vogue as a corner stone to my inspiration for this blog and my day to day living. My blog book (shown above) is filled with pages of Vogue inspired ideas, concepts and other interesting things that I love sharing with others. So it may not just be people who've inspired me, it's also Vogue thats inspired me massively. A big thanks to Conde Naste for buying Vogue in 1905 and growing the brand to what it is today.

Not only is Vogue literally teeming with fashion, it's also a fabulous guide to make-up and hairstyles; what's trending in the beauty department is also key to the writers at Vogue. So, if you're looking for a great red lipstick for example, Vogue will not only recommend some of the best ones out there, but they'll also often go into detail about it's history. It's so inspirational.

Given Vogue's history and prominence in the world today (and hopefully forever), the magazine does attract a plethora of the worlds leading photographers, make-up artists and models to it's pages and the combination is magical. The two you see above are spectacular examples of fashion as an art form; transforming the mundane into something breathtakingly beautiful. Vogue takes it to the next level and makes fashion and beauty into an entirely fantasy filled world.

Just to prove to the haters who doubt you can actually 'read' Vogue, there are plenty of really interesting articles you can get stuck into and they have a real meaning and depth to them. I remember reading an article in Vogue about an intern who had just started working for a high profile fashion designer, and she detailed all about her experiences and lessons she'd learnt. It's those kinds of things that get you thinking and really teach you something about the world you don't even see half of.

As I've mentioned many times, I am a huge fan of models and the modelling industry, so I do often stop for a second to admire my favourites. Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen are great examples of woman at the height of their game who bring the art to life, finishing the master piece. I personally love these models and I've followed their careers for a long time. Is it just me who does that?

    I hope you've enjoyed todays rather random post, but I thought it was extremely relevant and necessary given that it's the backdrop to my love of fashion, beauty and all things chic. I feel vogue brings you closer to fashion and lets you enjoy the art form as much as those high up in the industry. So, if you feel like fashion is way beyond you or that you just don't believe you could ever get into it, try buying an issue and then you may feel totally different. Feel free to comment below with your opinions and ideas, do you agree with me? What's your favourite magazine, what inspires you to love fashion?

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