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    Serums are a crucial part of my skincare routine that I always seem to get wrong. I buy one product that's useless, another that's too strong or damages my skin, and then eventually I end up either using a cheap alternative or nothing at all. It's fair to say that I'm still on the look out for my perfect serum, that does it's job for my skin and works well along side my other products. As you know, I'm a big fan of using product samples before paying huge amounts of money for the high end skincare brands, and recently I've found one sample that has been very shocking.

    Clinique's new custom serum 'Smart', which has just come out, caught my attention immediately and I knew I had to try it. I completed a skin personality profiler on Clinique's site and they sent me a small sachet of this new serum with some very promising words. They say that their new serum 'understands your skin's past and targets it's unique concerns- as needed, where needed.' That sounds rather impressive to me, and a tad unbelievable, but having squeezed out every last drop of it three nights in a row (yes, I savoured every last drop), I can declare it's mind-blowing.

     It's as if the serum knows what your skin needs and can repair anything your having issues with. I had a spot on my chin and it was gone after the first night. It's not  especially a spot serum, it's an everything serum! It's improved my uneven skin tone, firmed my skin and reduced any fine lines. I can see why they stress that it's 'a serum that can change your skin's future' and is beneficial for 'all ages, all ethnicities'. This is a ground breaking product, that has been five years in the making, which shows they have been very thorough and careful to make this serum the best possible solution for any skin concerns we may have.

   This serum will definitely appear on my September lust list, there is no doubt that I need more of this stuff now! It's not cheap at £48.00 for 30ml, but from what I've experienced a little goes a long way. I highly recommend an investment in this serum, your skin won't feel as pure, smooth or luxurious without Clinique's new formula. 

   If you'd like to take the plunge and buy it now, you'll find it here. For free delivery just enter the code SMARTWOMAN before purchase. Let me know how it goes. Comment below if you already have this with what you think of it, and any additional comments about todays post. 

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