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     I always bang on about how important, helpful and brilliant small (often free) product samples can be in your life. With thousands of products out there selling you a new face, body or whatever else, it's just plain essential to not only explore, but trial products that you may want to buy or have been recommended. I've been recommended so many beauty products, by countless amounts of people who have used them and loved the results they got, so naturally they'd rave about it. However, unless you know for absolute certain that these products will work for you, then there's a danger you'd waste your money (and if it's a beauty product, quite a lot of your money) on a product that's useless to you. 

      It can be quite disappointing when something so hyped up and well received doesn't do anything for you or makes you breakout and ruins all your hard work. Ahhh! It's the worst when that happens. But my go to solution for that problem is to seek out little product samples which you can use on a trial basis to test it on your skin, body or hair. That way you won't be wasting any money buying the full product and you get to know what types of products actually work for you. There are many companies like Clinique, Clarins, and Origins who make an effort to provide customers with mini product samples along with additional purchases. Of course we all know Sephora gives out 3 free samples per purchase, so they know exactly what I'm talking about! You've got to love Sephora.

     So, before this turns into a rant about trying before buying, I thought I'd share some websites that I use who specialise in searching for sample offers online so you don't have to, and some of the other sources I know that are reliable for great samples. 

Magazines offer you the chance to try new products all the time, and I find it really helpful to give them a go and see how well they work for me. Obviously they're free because the brand has payed for the magazine to run a free sample per issue to spur people on to buy them, but it's still a great opportunity for us to trial a product that may well be fantastic.

Like I said Origins are huge believers in always proving a free sample here and there, not only to keep you coming back, but to get you acquainted with your skin needs and what might be in their range that you haven't tried yet. 

Another perk of magazines, mostly Elle and Vogue (my favourites), is that they love to include a few samples of the latest perfumes and fragrances. They give you just enough to smell good all day and get to know the scent, which helps you decide if you're in love or just not fussed. Above you'll see Calvin Klein's Down Town perfume which I tried and didn't really take to, but I loved the Jo Malone Cologne it's beautiful, and now I need to get my hands on a bottle!

Here are the websites that I trust and use to get free beauty samples;


Latest Free Stuff

Freebie Site UK

Free Make-up Samples UK

What's in My Handbag
This site offers free registration and you get the opportunity to try different beauty products that appear in the featured handbags, already tried and tested. They work with brands to offer the users a unique opportunity to try a ton of products in the fashion and beauty department, plus you get to review products you've used to help others, as well as read other peoples reviews to help you.

Beauty on Trial
BOT is another product review sharing, community based beauty gem for anyone looking to try and review products to help themselves and others. Not only are there product samples, but there are also some fantastic competitions you can enter and quite possibly win.

I hope this post has enlightened you to the joys and benefits of product samples and trying before you buy, I've found it really helpful and I've gotten a lot of products actually knowing they're beneficial for me. Have a wonder round these websites, order some free samples, get to know your skin better and discover something new and exciting. 

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