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        One of my very first posts on A So Called Beauty Blog was one where I talked, in detail, about the beauty bloggers and you tubers who inspired me to start blogging and love all things beauty so very much. Well, today is another inspiration share on the women whom I idolise for their abilities in the make-up and beauty department, that sport looks that I only dream of being able to recreate. One day I hope to be able to style myself like these beautiful women, and wear make-up in such a chic, effortless way, but in the mean time I'm just going to look on in envy and awe. 

Alexa Chung
     Alexa is probably on everyone's inspiration list for her consistent reign as queen of style and beauty. She is a modern classic that knows a thing or two about make-up and style; I think we all wish we could be as fashionable and on trend as her.

Cara Delevingne
     Actually I should have written 'Cara Delevigne Aka the new Kate Moss' because she's likened to Kate so often she may as well change her title permanently. Well I don't see her in that light, in fact what truly inspires me about Cara is how transformative make-up is on her skin. She can look young and hipster one minute, then fresh faced and flirty the next, she has so much versatility. And on top of it all, she's not scared to show herself make-up free from time to time and she looks just as ordinary as the rest of us (except for the fact that she's insanely beautiful, but you know what I mean).

Jennifer Lawrence
      Although she's on everyone's mind right now for some rather scandalous photos leaked of her, for me that doesn't take away from the fact that she is utterly gorgeous and styles herself (or is styled) in such a classic, chic way that's still so unique to who she is.

Emma Stone
      I have a feeling that sometime soon during Emma's phenomenal career, she will be named a fashion and beauty icon. If not there better be a really good reason.

Emma Watson
        If, like me, you grew up with this incredible woman, then you'll also be in awe of her gradual rise to style perfection. I wish my style could evolve so eloquently each year like Emma's, but I have always greatly admired her looks for their authenticity to her personality and a consistent air of intelligence. Sophisticated Emma Watson; I adore you.

Rita Ora
      Personally I think Rita has perfected the nude lip partnered with a smokey eye, it suits her so well and she looks stunning. You may be able to tell this make-up look is one I very much like, but especially on Rita.

Kim Kardashian
      If Keeping Up With Kardashian's is not one of your guilty pleasures then you are definitely in denial. No matter how much you say to yourself 'this is garbage' your eyes remain glued to the screen! So, it might surprise you that Kim K of all people is on my list (but I bet she's secretly on yours too). Aside from the fact that she possesses a world renowned behind, I've always openly admired her beauty looks that are every-day and red carpet appropriate. She just knows exactly how it's done.

       You can truly say that Rihanna is a fashion and beauty chameleon. You never know what she's going to look like until she appears dazzling on the red carpet. So far not one of her many looks has done wrong by me and I love her for having the confidence to just switch it up on a very regular basis. 

    Did you spot the pattern? If you did then yes, I adore a nude lip with smokey eyes, and I also love the classic bold red lipstick a la Marilyn Monroe. A nude lip is sexy, subtle yet utterly beautiful, and the smokey eye is a fantastic contrast that just pops with amazing effect. My love of matte red lips sort of speaks for itself; it's a classic, timeless look that will never let you down. When I see a woman wearing red lipstick with a light, neutral foundation it gives me a sense that she's confident, cosmopolitan and expensive. What's not to love?

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