Fashion Feature Friday #8 | Honey & Betts Style Feature

Well what have we here? Another collaboration that I am thrilled to share with you guys. I have had the privilege to work with Ryanne and Hannah from the wonderful (and I mean amazing) blog Honey & Betts on a style feature for this weeks Fashion Feature Friday. They've also done a phenomenal feature of me on their blog which you can see here. All the outfit details (which you will definitely want to note) will be below. Enjoy!

Outfit Details: Burn Out Tee shirt from Aritzia // High Waisted Jeans from American Apparel // Leather Wedges from Lucky Brand Jeans

This look is chic, fashionable, yet comfortable and can easily be donned with your favourite piece of jewellery or hair accessory. I would definitely wear this!

I am so happy to have worked with Ryanne and Hannah from Canada, they are some of the nicest most down to earth people I've ever come across in the blogging community, so I urge you give them some love over at Honey & Betts and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Bloglovin', you're definitely going to want them in your life.

Enjoy your Friday guys and Happy Halloween!

Guest Post | Taslima’s Take on the A/W 2014 Makeup Trends

Hey lovelies! Today I have the privilege of sharing a post written by the wonderful Taslima from The Little Things in life and I highly recommend you head over to her blog; it's brilliant! So, without further ado, here's Taslima's post:

Hey there everyone! I’m Taslima over at the little things in life.  I was given the opportunity by the lovely Jessica to share a post with her lovely readers! I thought I’d do something along the same lines as what Jessica wrote for me. So today I will be sharing my take on the autumn winter 2014 makeup trends and showing you how I’ve adapted it to suit me! Here’s a picture of how the look turned out! Unfortunately my camera isn’t the best quality so it hasn’t picked up the makeup very nicely!

Weekend Update #1

I hope everyones having a relaxing, enjoyable Sunday. Another hectic week has gone by with a whole host of new discoveries to share with you all. I've started reading a ton of new blogs and listened to some new music that I just love. So enjoy a Sunday roundup of the favourites, discoveries and other interesting things the week has brought me.

Blogs I've loved reading this week;

Styled By Noosh


The Daily Savant

Topcoat Fashion

Music Musings of the week;

Iggy Azalea - The New Classic

What a phenomenal album! Talk about unexpected. Since the single Black Widow came out I've always loved Iggy's sound (I know a lot of people find her annoying), so I was expecting an album in that style, but no, it was totally different to what I thought I'd hear. She's stayed true to her inspirations, her life, her loves and her style which has come out as a fantastic record that I just can't stop listening to. 

Autumn Empties Collection | All Used Up.

It's that time again, a round up of all my empty products of the season. It takes me a while to use stuff up, I don't know how people do a substantial empties collection every month, I'd have practically one product! Anyway, now I can finally share with you the products I've used up and whether I'd buy them again. Let's get started!

Outfits for every occasion with the Mallzee App | Tech Talk


Recently I started using the Mallzee app to get some new, inspiring ideas when choosing outfits for all kinds of events and outings.  I'm a big iphone and ipad user so I always keep an eye out for apps that will help me day to day for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and everything else. Mallzee has definitely helped me find some great new outfit ideas and pieces with a ton of brands to choose from and has given me inspiration for quite a few outfits so far. With Mallzee it's all about sharing your style, creating new outfits and discovering whats out there. For today's Tech Talk, I am going to share with you a range of outfits hand picked by Mallzee to suit my style and preferences for a bunch of different occasions. Enjoy!

Girls Night Out

If you're going to a party, going clubbing or celebrating with friends you need something a little more glamorous, glitzy and something that shows off your best features. A clutch won't hurt either. 

Fashion Feature Friday #7 | Paris Fashion Week

      Well, well, well, we've finally arrived at Paris, the last destination of all fashion weeks this season and as you may know my favourite city in the world (situated in my favourite country no less). I am proudly writing this, beaming from cheek to cheek because I get to finish this season on a real high note and see the last of my favourite designers, as well as discover some knew ones that showcased in Paris during these 8 days of fashion paradise. Sorry about the delay, I had to wait to get a new computer and before I knew it fashion feature friday had passed, so I had to wait another week to show you guys my favourites! So, without any further ado, here are my favourite collections from Paris Fashion Week 2014 for Spring 2015!

Day 1 - September 23rd 

Gareth Pugh

To see the rest of Gareth's collection click here.

Woman Crush Wednesday #1 | Jennifer Lawrence

For my very, very first woman crush wednesday here on A So Called Beauty Blog I've decided to feature one of my idols and a woman who has inspired me to be brave, confident and love who I am. Jennifer Lawrence is not only one of my favourite actors of all time, but she's also enviably beautiful and full of life. Below I've included some of my favourite looks that she's done and some magazine covers that are to die for.

New & Noteworthy | Public Nuisance

They're provocative, exclusive and just the right amount of controversial to attract your attention. They pick on the past, present and the irrelevant, but what makes them so unique is that Public Nuisance is not just a t-shirt brand, it's a movement of expression and personality; it's your unheard voice. I am delighted to share with you a new brand straight from London, where the culture thrives through music, art, fashion, politics and most importantly individuality. Public Nuisance draws it's influences from the strands of society and life that are ever changing and always thought provoking; and I love fashion when it makes a statement but doesn't have to be fluorescent yellow to do so. 

Words can be as loud as you like, history can be remembered how you like and your t-shirts can do the talking 'wear your thoughts on your chest'. If you're like me and love the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, but also get rather thrilled when you make a controversial statement that gets people talking then I highly recommend joining the Public Nuisance Community. Take a look and decide for yourself. 

Fashion Feature Friday #6 | Milan Fashion Week 2014

   When I think of Milan, I think of beautiful Italy and it's idyllic landscapes and surroundings; the cobbled streets with a mesmerising vintage feel, and the mouthwatering food sold at every street corner. That's part of the reason I love Italy and everything about it. What else do I love about Italy? The fashion, the trends and the streets filled with some of the chicest looking people you'll ever meet right in it's fashion capital Milan. Go and see for yourself, or visit Vogue's Milan fashion page. You can find some of the most unique designers and stand out collections in Milan and it opens my eyes to some amazing inspirations every time. Milan is my muse. Sadly I've never been to Milan before, but having been around the outskirts of it, I could just sense how much beauty was further to come. Today is all about my favourite collections from this iconic fashion week in this iconic fashion capital. Enjoy!

September Beauty Favourites

     Making new discoveries in the skincare and beauty department is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a beauty addict, but I also really enjoy buying products that other people have loved and loving them too. My little selection of beauty favourites this month are mostly the result of recommendations, trials or things I know I'll love (Victoria's Secret as a prime example here). I just adore being surprised by a product I really didn't expect to like, and actually loving what it does for me, don't you? As you get more and more aware of what your skin needs, what scents suit you and what make-up is compatible with your complexion, it gets easier to shop beauty, so this months beauty favourites are sort of the result of that. As I write this I'm listening to Ariana Grande on repeat, so please excuse any unusual words or sentences that don't make sense (music gets me in the mood to write with more passion, but can be a distraction).

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