Fashion Feature Friday #7 | Paris Fashion Week

      Well, well, well, we've finally arrived at Paris, the last destination of all fashion weeks this season and as you may know my favourite city in the world (situated in my favourite country no less). I am proudly writing this, beaming from cheek to cheek because I get to finish this season on a real high note and see the last of my favourite designers, as well as discover some knew ones that showcased in Paris during these 8 days of fashion paradise. Sorry about the delay, I had to wait to get a new computer and before I knew it fashion feature friday had passed, so I had to wait another week to show you guys my favourites! So, without any further ado, here are my favourite collections from Paris Fashion Week 2014 for Spring 2015!

Day 1 - September 23rd 

Gareth Pugh

To see the rest of Gareth's collection click here.

Day 2 - September 24th

Adam Andrasik

To see the rest of his collection click here.

Christophe Lemaire

To see the rest of Christophe's collection, click here.

Guy Laroche

To see the rest of Guy's collection, click here.


To see the rest of the collection, click here.


To see the rest of Vionnet's collection, click here.


To see the rest of the collection, click here.

Day 3 - September 25th

Manish Arora
This collection was by far my favourite out of all those who showcased in Paris. It was utterly brilliant, magical and dreamy, I want every piece. Manish Arora is a designer that I've never heard of before, but now his work will be at the top of my agenda whenever a new season of fashion shows begins!

To see the rest of Manish's collection, click here.

Barbara Bui

To see the rest of Barbara's collection, click here.


To see the rest of Lanvin's collection, click here.

Day 4 - September 26th

Talbot Runhof

To see the rest of Talbot Runhof's collection, click here.

Julien David

To see the rest of Julien's collection, click here.

I absolutely adored this collection by Undercover, another design house that I've only just discovered. Their pieces evoked so much passion and nostalgia from me, it was unreal! It reminded me of Alice in wonderland, Hansel and Grettle, Snow white and a bit of Black Swan. It was a fairy tale collection that I loved so much!

To see the rest of their collection, click here.

Day 5 -September 27th


To see the rest of Acne's collection, click here.

Olympia Le Tan
If you're a Harry Potter fan like me then this collection should immediately remind you of the Beauxbatons Acadamy of Magic and their beautifully designed uniform that fluttered and hugged every curve, but still remained in a scholarly silhouette. I thought this collection was so unique and played on the school girl theme in such a beautiful, creative way.

To see the rest of their collection, click here.

Day 6 - September 28th

Alessandra Rich

To see the rest of Alessandra's, click here.
To shop Alessandra Rich, click here.

Comme de Garçons Comme de Garçons

To see the rest of the collection, click here.
To shop CdG CdG, click here.
Vanessa Bruno

To see the rest of Vanessa's collection, click here.
To shop Vanessa Bruno, click here.

Maison Rabih Kayroux

To see the rest of their collection, click here.
To shop Maison Ranih Kayroux, click here.


To see the rest of their collection, click here.

Day 7 - September 29th


To see the rest of Avelon's collection, click here.
Rahul Miskra

To see the rest of Rahul's collection click here.


To see the rest of Wunderkind's collection, click here.

I went mad for those kimono style silks and the Japanese style embroidery, it was simply beautiful!

To see the rest of Leonard's collection, click here.

Sonia Ryheiel

To see the rest of Sonia's collection, click here.

Day 8 - September 30th

Yiqing Yin

To see the rest of Yiqing's collection, click here.

When I saw this collection I really couldn't compose myself, literally all of my favourite models were in this show, and guess what? Gisele was there too!! It doesn't get any better than that! Karl's collection for Chanel was, as usual, huge and super unique. He gets the models to interact and pretend like they were walking down the street to meet people. Last year he had the runway turned into a super market and they went shopping. But he outdid himself this time with a model filled riot right at the end. I love you Karl!


To see the rest of Chanel's collection, click here.

Valentin Yudashkin
This collection gave me goosepumps, it was so beautiful. The show itself was very similar to Michael Kors', but then they brought out the most idyllic bridal wear and everything changed. I want to get married now!

To see the rest of Valentin's collection, click here.


To see the rest of the Valentino collection, click here.

Day 9 - October 1st

Louis Vuitton

To see the rest of Louis Vuitton, click here.

Mui Mui

To see the rest of Mui Mui, click here.


To see the rest of the Hermes collection, click here.

This season has been spectacular and the collections from Paris for spring have been extraordinary (as predicted, of course!). Thank you to Manish Arora for making my day with your collection of perfection. There were only a few disappointments like Balmain, who I love, showcasing a collection I really didn't like; Givenchy didn't please and neither did Stella McCartney (for me anyway). Let me know your thoughts on them because we all like different things. Lady Gaga will definitely be happy as she was well catered for this season! Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below with your thoughts on anything fashion week related.

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