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They're provocative, exclusive and just the right amount of controversial to attract your attention. They pick on the past, present and the irrelevant, but what makes them so unique is that Public Nuisance is not just a t-shirt brand, it's a movement of expression and personality; it's your unheard voice. I am delighted to share with you a new brand straight from London, where the culture thrives through music, art, fashion, politics and most importantly individuality. Public Nuisance draws it's influences from the strands of society and life that are ever changing and always thought provoking; and I love fashion when it makes a statement but doesn't have to be fluorescent yellow to do so. 

Words can be as loud as you like, history can be remembered how you like and your t-shirts can do the talking 'wear your thoughts on your chest'. If you're like me and love the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, but also get rather thrilled when you make a controversial statement that gets people talking then I highly recommend joining the Public Nuisance Community. Take a look and decide for yourself. 

If you love what you see then make your way down to their site and take a look at what amazing stuff is going on there. You can literally join their community and even submit your own designs to them. It's all about strong visual imagery from what ever muse inspires you and your thoughts. Their t-shirts are fantastic quality and are so reasonably priced. I expect amazing things to come from this brand and I anticipate their garments will become timeless pieces that keep people talking. 

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