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Recently I started using the Mallzee app to get some new, inspiring ideas when choosing outfits for all kinds of events and outings.  I'm a big iphone and ipad user so I always keep an eye out for apps that will help me day to day for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and everything else. Mallzee has definitely helped me find some great new outfit ideas and pieces with a ton of brands to choose from and has given me inspiration for quite a few outfits so far. With Mallzee it's all about sharing your style, creating new outfits and discovering whats out there. For today's Tech Talk, I am going to share with you a range of outfits hand picked by Mallzee to suit my style and preferences for a bunch of different occasions. Enjoy!

Girls Night Out

If you're going to a party, going clubbing or celebrating with friends you need something a little more glamorous, glitzy and something that shows off your best features. A clutch won't hurt either. 

Date Night

First dates are occasions where you really want to look your best, but also stay true to your style and what you like to wear, because then the best parts of your personality can shine right? If you're going steady and want to impress your boyfriend, it's also a great excuse to look amazing.

Dinner Party

I always found myself completely embarrassed when I didn't wear the right things to a work or college dinner party, so now I can look chic, well dressed and professional. Perfect for a semi-formal dinner party.

College or University

For us girls college isn't just about studying (you know what I mean). There's that guy in Physics, or English that sits by you or hasn't even noticed you yet. You need something that says I'm here to work hard but look good too. 


Again, many women will admit they dress to impress the office, so formal has also got to be stylish. The chic business woman look is always in fashion.


Whether you're going shopping, taking your brother to school or just mooching around your town or city looking for something to do, you never know what you might end up doing or going, so you've always gotta look good, inside and out. 


Workout chic does exist, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! It's probably the main reason I love going to the Gym, it's just one more excuse to buy another set of clothes for yet another 'thing' that I get up to.

Relaxed and Comfortable

We all have those days when we stay at home, lounge about and just watch a movie and do our nails. I always need an outfit or two to relax in for those days at home; comfy and warm with a dash of adorable.

I found all of these amazing outfits and pieces on the Mallzee app and it's so easy to just click and buy, or save for later. Let us know what outfits you create on the Mallzee app, and what occasions are important for you to look your absolute best!

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