Weekend Update #1

I hope everyones having a relaxing, enjoyable Sunday. Another hectic week has gone by with a whole host of new discoveries to share with you all. I've started reading a ton of new blogs and listened to some new music that I just love. So enjoy a Sunday roundup of the favourites, discoveries and other interesting things the week has brought me.

Blogs I've loved reading this week;

Styled By Noosh


The Daily Savant

Topcoat Fashion

Music Musings of the week;

Iggy Azalea - The New Classic

What a phenomenal album! Talk about unexpected. Since the single Black Widow came out I've always loved Iggy's sound (I know a lot of people find her annoying), so I was expecting an album in that style, but no, it was totally different to what I thought I'd hear. She's stayed true to her inspirations, her life, her loves and her style which has come out as a fantastic record that I just can't stop listening to. 
Listen to some of the album on YouTube right now!

iTunes download here.

What do you think?

Lianne La Havas  - Is Your Love Big Enough?

You know when you fall in love with an album or song and then stop listening to it, but then two or three years later you hear it again and fall right back in love? Well, thats what's happened to me with this beautiful album by Lianne La Havas, a singer song writer who really doesn't get enough credit for her work. She's brought out more recent work, but this album for me is the centre piece of her talent. My favourite songs include Lost & Found, Gone and Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye. I urge you to give them a listen, they're some of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and her voice is magical. 

Listen to her music on YouTube!

iTunes download here.

TV and Film;

I've started watching a new show called How To Get Away With Murder and it's brilliant! I really like the plot twists and the characters personalities, and the central plot is so riveting. My main reason for watching it was to see an actor who played Dean Thomas in Harry Potter get his first real Hollywood role as an adult; he is amazing. His american accent is spot on and had I not known him from Harry Potter I wouldn't have guessed he was British for one second. There's also an amazing actor from Orange is The New Black called Matt McGorry (you can call him my TV crush) and he's also fantastic in his role.

In terms of film this week I've not really watched many (says the film fanatic who usually watches 2 films a day), the only major film I've seen is the new Hercules movie. Despite many bad reviews and not so many good ones, I really enjoyed this film. Maybe a tad predictable at times, but it's good fun to watch with your friends or family. Plus have you seen Dwayne Johnson's arms??

Celebrity Outfit of the Week

I came across an amazing outfit Victoria Beckham wore some months ago and I fell in love but was also extremely jealous. She manages to make all black look chic rather than moody, or sometimes gothy, which can be really hard to pull. Victoria is my style envy of the week.

I hope you've all enjoyed my first of many Weekend Updates and check out all that I've shared. Please feel free to leave your comments on my week of discoveries as well as your own, I'm always up to trying new things. 

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