Woman Crush Wednesday #1 | Jennifer Lawrence

For my very, very first woman crush wednesday here on A So Called Beauty Blog I've decided to feature one of my idols and a woman who has inspired me to be brave, confident and love who I am. Jennifer Lawrence is not only one of my favourite actors of all time, but she's also enviably beautiful and full of life. Below I've included some of my favourite looks that she's done and some magazine covers that are to die for.

This is the look I loved the most, she is such a bombshell here. I just love her in red!

You're probably wondering why Jennifer Lawrence is one of my idols and for me it's pretty simple. She is such an inspiration and she's taught me to be fearless and not care about being the perfect size, shape or colour, she makes me proud to be who I am. Not only that but she also has so much talent for acting it's insane, and something I don't tell everyone is that my one true dream is to be become an actor and she is who I look up to. The movie that made me fall in love with her was Silver Linings Playbook, one of the best films I've ever seen and it's on my favourite films of all time list (and yes that list does actually exist!). if you haven't seen it already you really have missed out and I advise you buy or rent a copy very soon. 

Jennifer is quickly becoming a style chameleon, every look she's showcased so far has been equally as amazing as the last. Blonde, brunette, short, long, she looks good every time. That's why she's my first woman crush! Let me know what you thought of my woman crush and tell us who's yours?

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