My Favourite Deals This Black Friday

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great weekend. As you know (it's impossible not to) there are some immense reductions in practically all the stores and websites right now because of a little thing called Black Friday. Luckily for us, this doesn't just apply to Friday, it applies to the weekend too, and sometimes even Monday. When sales like these come around I always tend to buy the same things since winter is coming and all the trendy stuff is a little bit more affordable. These are some the fashion and beauty items that are great for the season and at amazing prices this weekend. Don't miss out!

My fashion choices this year are all from Urban Outfitters, by far one of my favourite clothing stores. They have some amazing deals on right now, and these items are perfect for winter, and matched correctly they can so chic. 

Une Bonne Journée | My Trip To Poitiers, France

As you know from my previous post I had to spill the beans about my visit to Sephora first; I got back and couldn't resist it! But as you can imagine (although I'd have loved too) I didn't visit Sephora more than once on my 3 day trip, and I did make a few more stops along the way. If you're a foodie like me then you'll know that France is of course one of the Food capitals of the world and in my opinion one of the best cuisines ever. We only ate in one restaurant sadly but we ate there twice; it was that good that we came back the next day and got a free bottle of wine in return! So today I'm going to share with you some more pictures that bring to life my 3 day experience of Poitiers and hopefully make you want to take a trip there too!

Poitiers, France

My Trip to Sephora in Poitiers, France | Travelling Beauty

You may or may not know this (if you're a regular reader then you will know this) but Sephora is my favourite shop for beauty and skincare. My life is not complete without it! During my wonderful trip to Poitiers France (which I will tell you more about in another post), I had the pleasure of visiting their new store which has only recently opened up in the bustling university city centre. If you've never been to Sephora or don't feel the need to (which is crazy btw), then I hope I can convert you!

November Skincare Lust List | Loving My Skin this Winter

Hi lovelies! I know that I usually do a combination of beauty products in my monthly lust lists but today I decided to focus solely on my face since there are so many skincare items I desperately want right now. Plus, the cold whether of November is causing me more discomfort than I care to endure and as usual my skin is not liking it. So, for today I am going to share with you my ideal skincare shopping list for the cold weather; when your skin is needing just that little bit more love.

Weekend Update #4

Happy Sunday everyone! We're just about half way through November now and Christmas is looming, I can hear the bells ringing in the distance. Whilst everything is becoming rather festive, my life and probably many of yours, is still very busy but luckily I was able to find al little time for a bit of relaxation. As usual here are my favourite blogs, Film, TV and style of this week. Enjoy!

Blogs I've loved this week:

Break Free Girl 

Woman Crush Wednesday #2 | Emma Watson

People of my generation remember Emma Watson from a very early age as a loquacious, intelligent, confident girl who grew to become a woman of great influence and admirability. I have so much love and respect for Emma it's unreal, and I knew I had to do a Woman Crush Wednesday just for her. Not only can she be commended for her work in sexual equality and an ever increasing talent for acting, but in case you hadn't noticed she's kind of becoming a style icon. Her look is always fresh, youthful and stunning; even more reason to love Emma Watson.

In terms of Emma's Makeup and hair styles she can never go wrong in my book. Her hair is always in perfect form to suit the occasion and the same can be said for her makeup. She never over does it; just the right amount to create a stunning, sophisticated look.

Weekend Update #3

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a good week and are enjoying the rest of your Sunday. Today as always I am in the mood to share my favourites of the week in music, tv, film, blogs and style. Don't forget to let me know what was significant about your week too, I love reading your comments! 

Blogs I've loved this week:

Here are a few words from Eymi:

'Eymi Adrianza, a 24 year old Venezuelan girl, lawyer with a huge passion for Fashion and Beauty, running a bilingual blog named A Voyage True Fashion about Fashion, Beauty and Photography that wants to show how to always look on point for every occasion but keeping it simple and budget friendly!'

The Beauty Department | Winter Makeup Wishlist

There's only a few things I actually love about winter; the fashion, the food and of course, the makeup! The cold may be uncomfortable, staying indoors may be boring, but being able to transition into the wintery trends is often very enjoyable. As well as a slight (who am I kidding; a huge) wardrobe change, I am loving the new colours and shades of makeup that are perfect for the wintery weather.

Weekend Update #2

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your all having a good day so far, and had a great Halloween, I know I did! This week has been filled with new things, new sounds and a few tears actually. But you'll find out why in a minute. Feel free to share your weekly experiences in comments below and tell me what you think I've mine too. Let's get going.

Blogs I've loved this week:

To Style With Love

Le Blog de Betty

Fait Baum

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