My Favourite Deals This Black Friday

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great weekend. As you know (it's impossible not to) there are some immense reductions in practically all the stores and websites right now because of a little thing called Black Friday. Luckily for us, this doesn't just apply to Friday, it applies to the weekend too, and sometimes even Monday. When sales like these come around I always tend to buy the same things since winter is coming and all the trendy stuff is a little bit more affordable. These are some the fashion and beauty items that are great for the season and at amazing prices this weekend. Don't miss out!

My fashion choices this year are all from Urban Outfitters, by far one of my favourite clothing stores. They have some amazing deals on right now, and these items are perfect for winter, and matched correctly they can so chic. 

Pippa Lynn Metallic Tee Dress in Pink £28.80 £48 / Deena & Ozzy Zip Fold Out Pocket Backpack in Black £21 £30 / Pop Fair Isle Knitted Snood  £15 £28   New Era NY Yankees Chunky Cuff Beanie in Burgundy  £11 £22 / Pins & Needles Lace Pinny Dress in Plum £31.50 £52

When it comes to winter beauty I always think about rehydration, repair and pampering. There are some fantastic deals across all the beauty retailers and I've gone for a selection of my favourite brands for a winter beauty boost.

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