Weekend Update #2

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope your all having a good day so far, and had a great Halloween, I know I did! This week has been filled with new things, new sounds and a few tears actually. But you'll find out why in a minute. Feel free to share your weekly experiences in comments below and tell me what you think I've mine too. Let's get going.

Blogs I've loved this week:

To Style With Love

Le Blog de Betty

Fait Baum

Music Musings of the Week:

Maroon 5 V

I've never really been a big fan of Maroon 5; I've enjoyed the odd song but never had a true urge to explore their music more. This time I gave their music, specifically their new album V, a more thorough listening to and I have quite enjoyed exploring these songs. They're pretty good guys! If your looking for some slick, up beat tunes to listen to on the go I highly recommend you get this album.

Have a listen to the album right now on YouTube

The Vamps Feat. Demi Lovato - Somebody To You

I'm just as surprised as you are to see The Vamps on my list this week. I've never listened to them before, but since Demi Lovato added her lovely vocals to a song of theirs I had a listen and I love it. I'm one of those people who have certain musicians who I love anything they release but when the type of music that I love comes on, I'll be obsessed regardless of the singer(s). On this occasion the song 'Somebody To You' has been an anthem on repeat for me this week; be sure to listen to it if you haven't already.
Somebody to you on YouTube

TV & Film

Sex and the City

This week I plunged into series one of Sex and the City for the very first time. As I was only about 8 years old when it first came out I missed the chance to watch it, but I have finally started it and I'm really enjoying watching the escapades of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends as they live the single life in New York. If you think you'll like this kind of thing then you probably will so give it a go!

The Fault In Our Stars

Of all the films I've ever watched (or at least remember watching) I don't believe I've ever cried this much. Part of me didn't want to watch TFIOS because of all the (what appeared to be) unnecessary hype behind the book and the movie even before it was released, but I eventually put my pessimistic self in front of that screen. As I write this I can feel the emotions rushing back, it's that bad. If you haven't seen it yet I suggest you try and watch it (if you're super emotional then bring some tissues) because it taught me so much and its such a beautiful story that I now feel emotionally attached to on such a strong level.

Celebrity Look of the Week

Rihanna in Tom Ford

RiRi recently stepped out in this gorgeous Tom Ford gown at the amfAr Gala showing off her banging body in all the right ways. This look definitely reminds me of the beautiful dress she showcased at the CFDA Awards. Remember that one? The pink jewelled  see through number that shocked the world, and I loved it, but I equally love this Tom Ford piece too.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my weekend update and as always feel free to comment. 

P.S. Yes I am dreading another stressful week just as much as you are!

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