Weekend Update #4

Happy Sunday everyone! We're just about half way through November now and Christmas is looming, I can hear the bells ringing in the distance. Whilst everything is becoming rather festive, my life and probably many of yours, is still very busy but luckily I was able to find al little time for a bit of relaxation. As usual here are my favourite blogs, Film, TV and style of this week. Enjoy!

Blogs I've loved this week:

Break Free Girl 

Arpitha Sylvester, a 23 year old UI & Graphic Designer who has a passion for writing and sharing her knowledge on fashion, beauty and everyday lifestyle in short blog posts. She loves to read and research on new trends and tricks of every trade. She also has her own digital startup called “Be.Creative Digital agency” go check it out if you have time.

Hey Hello Lilly

Film and TV:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I thoroughly enjoyed this film; it was action packed, funny and highly entertaining for all the family. I'm a big fan of Megan Fox so it was great to see her in another big blockbuster with some of the funniest turtles alive. I highly recommend you see this film.

The Take

Before you ask, yes it does have Tom Hardy in it, but I'm my opinions are in no way bias because of that (okay maybe just a little bit). The Take is a heart wrenching TV mini-series that follows the lives of a crime ridden family who are plagued by the wrath of father and Husband Freddie, the centre of all the trouble. You watch the family self implode and rebuild itself making for a beautiful tale of the consequences of crime, addiction and love.

Music of the Week:

Taylor Swift 1989

I love taylor Swift's new album, a homage to 1989 and a beautiful collection of songs you'll love. My favourite songs are Shake It Off (of course) and Out of the Woods, but all of her songs are amazing to listen to and a joy to experience. 

Listen to some of her songs from 1989 on YouTube.

David Guetta ft. Sia - She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)

If you're looking for an upbeat party anthem or a great song to run to, then look no further. It's been out for a while but after revisiting my old iTunes library, I fell back in love with this particular song. It's rhythmic, great to sing to, and another amazing David Guetta tune with the wonderful Sia. I love her voice and I love singing along with her. 

Listen to She Wolf on YouTube now.

Celebrity Style of the Week:

Jennifer Lawrence during the Mockingjay Promo Tour

 I cannot wait to see the new Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, I just know it will be amazing. Whilst we await it's close arrival the promo tour is taking place around the world and fashion is quite clearly at the heart of it all. My style pick of the week is most definitely Jennifer Lawrence's beautiful selection of looks from the events.

On the left she is wearing a Public School blazer and pants, which is a beautifully minimal yet chic look to kick off the tour. Apparently some the cast including Jen were very sick before these events and unfortunately Josh Hucherson who plays Peeta Mellark couldn't even attend! Kudos to them, they still look amazing!

Above Jen is wearing a beautiful white plunging Mulger halter dress and to the left she is stunning in a Christian Dior Fall 2014 low applique quilted dress.

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks Weekend update as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Don't forget to leave your opinions in the comments section below, I really enjoying reading them!

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