Farwell 2014, hello 2015...

Every year I say to myself  'this year will be the best year yet', but somehow I never end up sharing the same sentiments by December. One thing I definitely agree with is that every year is a roller coaster ride full of twists, turns and unexpected journeys (quite literally); that's kind of what I love about not knowing your own fate. The year of 2014 is coming to a natural, well awaited close and I am one of those people who is so excited for the start of 2015. Unlike most years, this time I'm going to take my New Years Resolutions a lot more seriously, so to begin that here are my New Years Resolutions for the coming year of 2015.

1. Be more organised

This one is super cliche but when your desk looks like mine, you know something has to be done. I think most people have this on their lists every year; you start the year really organised and tidy, and then roughly 2 months later you're back to square one. You know what I'm talking about right?

(Yes, this is my actual desk in it's raw, natural habitat...)

2. Read at least 10 books

I know this may sound like such an easy number of books to get through, but when you've got my schedule and my short attention span, 1 book is an impossibility, let alone 10. So, along with being more organised, I'll hopefully be able fit in a ton more reading and not just Vogue or Elle, but actual, edifying books. I'm gonna start with Alexa Chung's 'It', then work my way through Lena Dunham's 'Not That Kind Of Girl' and #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. Any more suggestions?

The Post Christmas Edit

As I sieve through the cluster of cards and random gifts on my desk, I meet a sudden thought that Christmas is basically over already. The festive and joyful build up full of street markets, crammed shops and decorations galore have all become a mere memory. Sorry to sound depressing, I myself can't believe how fast this year has come around, and how Christmas has frantically passed me by; it's almost the new year! Is it just me or has Christmas been a tad quick and underwhelming this year (or am I just getting old?)? Never the less, I have been so excited to share my Christmas highlights, which are my two favourite gifts. I am so blessed to have received a generous amount from my family and friends and by no means am I boasting; every gift was an amazing surprise and I am truly thankful. 

Weekend Update #5

The four day countdown has begun, we are so close to Christmas now people. I really love this time of year because some of the best films come out, we experience some the most amazing events in Fashion like the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the British Fashion Awards or the Chanel Metiers d'Arts Show and everyone (mostly) is just that little bit happier. As usual, my Sunday post is all about the blogs, films, music and fashion I've discovered and loved this week, and it's the second to last one of 2014. Just let that sink in.

Blog of the Week:

Hear from the blogger herself: 

 "My blog is pretty much an online diary/mood board for me. I like to post quotes, fashion pics, food pics, travel pics and anything that motivates me. I also use it to write down my feelings when I am feeling low, because as I grow older I realise that I shouldn't have to be afraid of sharing anything that I'm feeling and I hope that other people who read my blog unknown that they are not alone as well. I used to be more active with posting but then life got too busy. It has only been recently that I have wanted to invest more time into this blog and I guess for me, it is also a good reminder to sit back and remember all the good things in life."

Film of the Week:

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

This movie is the very last of the films based on the legendary book series by J. R. R. Tolken. if you're not familiar with the Hobbit or it's predecessor The Lord of the Rings then I suggest you look into watching them or reading the books, they're seriously good. A lot of people would say they're too long and a waste of time but I being a huge fan of the fantasy genre, loved them. This final movie was the best of the three; it was emotional, action packed and worth every minute. The cast is brilliant including, Orlando bloom, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, and of course Sir Ian Mckellen. I highly recommend you go and see it while it's out.

Music of the Week:

Nicki Minaj - The Pink Print

Miss Minaj is everywhere right now. She's in films, TV shows and Award Shows headlining with her multi platinum songs of this year. I have been a huge fan of Nicki for many years and I am thoroughly impressed with her third studio album 'The Pink Print'. It has a variety of up beat and inspirational songs with some slower, more heart felt tunes. It's in my opinion some of her best work yet and you should definitely check it out if you haven't already.

Look of the Week:

Candice Swanepoel at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show After Party

As you may know, I'm an avid follower of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show as well as a huge fan of the brand, and this years Fashion Show was just as amazing as the previous years shows. Right after the show there is always a star studded after party that showcases some of the best fashion of the year. Candice Swanepoel, one of the Victoria's Secret Angels and a beautiful South African fashion model, graced the London pink carpet in this gorgeous dress. 

I loved it; it's simple yet breathtaking and accentuates her beautiful figure in all the right ways. I wish I had a dress like this!
What did you think of this weeks weekend update? What are your favourite things right now?

Keep Skin Smooth and Nourished During Dry Winter Months

One of my pet peeves about skincare, and probably one of yours, is how dry and difficult my skin can be during winter. I for one always have to change things up in my skincare routine to ensure my skin doesn't become too dry and start breaking out. If, like me, you're still a little unsure how to change your routine and help your skin cope during winter, then this post is for you. 

I am so happy to be able to collaborate with the wonderful Chelsea Mason from Pure Skin Tone and put together a great plan to combat the skin issues you may face during winter. I'm definitely no expert on these things, all I know is more ways to spend your money (typical), so Chelsea has devised some wonderful tips to introduce into your daily routine and I'm here to share my top five products that I love to use to rehydrate and repair my skin during winter.

Benefit They're Real Mascara & Push Up Liner | Review

This is my very first mascara review on my blog and boy am I excited to do it. I couldn't have dreamt of a better mascara to review for the first time, this stuff is magic. I was lucky enough to visit a beautiful Sephora store in France during a short trip there (you can see the post here), and I found this amazing deal for just €25! The package is known as the 'Real Steal' and contains the infamous 'They're Real' Mascara, the 'Push-Up' Liner along with a handy eye makeup remover too. What a steal! As far as I know this set is available in all major beauty stores and the price doesn't really fluctuate. So lets get on to the review!

My Christmas Wish List

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season so far, whether you're the party planner, the cook or the gift organiser; this is definitely the most exciting time of year for a lot of us. I am so shocked at how fast the year is flying by, it's almost 2015 and Christmas is just around the corner. The joy of gift giving is amazing, but you've got to think of yourself sometimes and I for one have a few items (that may be an understatement...) that I am lusting after this Christmas.

Real Techniques Core Collection £20.99 / CATSEYE Lips Nail Files £2 / Anya Hindmarch Maxi Zip Textured Leather Tote £950 / Chanel Assouline Books £50 / Anya Hindmarch Makeup Patent Leather trimmed Cosmetic Case £195 / Pure Seduction Layer and Love Gift Set $14.40 / Kate Spade Cedar Street Nisha Purse £145 / Prada Key Holder £150 / Alexa Chung It £11.89

Fashion Feature Friday #9 | The 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Woman Crush Wednesday #3 | Charlotte Riley

It really wasn't difficult for me to decide on this week's Woman Crush Wednesday. Charlotte Riley, the most gorgeous, talented and down to earth woman, is a true inspiration and a role model for me. You may know (it's really pretty difficult not to) that I have an indescribable affinity towards her husband, Tom Hardy, but that doesn't take anything away from my admiration for Charlotte (I promise). I am delighted to share some of her best looks, red carpet appearances and reasons why she is one of my heroes.

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