Fashion Feature Friday #9 | The 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Just a few days ago, some of the most beautiful women in the world strutted their lingerie clad bodies in London at the Annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I know, there's barely any Fashion to be seen, but the glorious costumes and spectacular displays are what makes the show so special. And don't forget the jaw dropping lingerie on display. You may be aware I have a slight obsession with Victoria's Secret; as well as insisting all my lingerie comes from VS, I also have a huge obsession with the models and the runway show itself which is just a dream come true for me every year. So, for todays Fashion Feature Friday I saw it only appropriate to do a post all about this amazing show and show you guys why I love it so much! (P.S This was torture for me, since I've only seen pictures and don't get to see the show until it comes on tv!)

If you've never seen or read about the show then here's the low down; every year the designers behind the show create over 100 looks for each category which always have amazing names like 'University of Pink' or 'Fairy Tale' and consist of the most beautifully themed lingerie and embellishments.

Gilded Angels
They started the show with a jaw dropping array of gold, sparks and glorious wings. It reminded me of strong female gladiators and the most electrifying fairy tales.

Exotic Traveller 
Romantic and exotically coloured pieces with some of the most beautiful accessories; I love this section. Adriana and Alessandra opened the show with a performance from Ed Sheeran.

Dream Girl
This category involved a lot of neutral, light pink tones and was such a cute, lacey collection. I would wear all of it!

University Of PINK 
As always the PINK section was fun, flirty and full of leopard print and aztec. With a performance from Ariana Grande and some unexpected graffiti, it was undeniably enjoyable.

Fairy Tale
What reminded me of the Wizard Of Oz crossed with a bit of the Lord Of The Rings, the Fairy Tale collection was truly a magical experience. Butterfly wings, beautiful leaves and a touch of nature, this collection really did impress.

Angel Ball
For the final collection VS went all out with a encapsulating display of black lace, fury trains and corsettes you could only dream of with a brilliant performance from none other than Miss Taylor Swift. Angel wings, black and white, and the highly anticipated line up of super models were fully fleshed out in this final master piece.

Combined with the magic of design and the infamous Victoria's Secret Angels, this show was, as always, a beautiful thing. Don't forget to tune in on the 9th to CBS and watch the full show, you will love it!

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