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As I sieve through the cluster of cards and random gifts on my desk, I meet a sudden thought that Christmas is basically over already. The festive and joyful build up full of street markets, crammed shops and decorations galore have all become a mere memory. Sorry to sound depressing, I myself can't believe how fast this year has come around, and how Christmas has frantically passed me by; it's almost the new year! Is it just me or has Christmas been a tad quick and underwhelming this year (or am I just getting old?)? Never the less, I have been so excited to share my Christmas highlights, which are my two favourite gifts. I am so blessed to have received a generous amount from my family and friends and by no means am I boasting; every gift was an amazing surprise and I am truly thankful. 

If you remember back to my Christmas wishlist, you'd know that I have been lusting after Alexa Chung's book 'It' forever! The beautiful, baby pink, hardcover journal comprised of Alexa's best moments, tips and experiences, was just a dream Christmas gift and I am so happy to have received it. A review will be up soon (I've literally pushed all my other books aside to read this one!). 

Space.NK, a heavenly place no beauty product junkie could live without, is having an immense sale right now, you must check it out. I was so kindly gifted a generous voucher by my Aunt and cannot wait to shop the sales too. 

If you want to get a hold of Alexa's book and divulge into the world of Miss Chung, then simply click on this link and get it now, it's a best seller.

Enjoy the last of the festive holidays and I hope everyone got what they wanted this Christmas. Feel free to share what you received this year, any blog posts you've done or your thoughts on my Christmas highlights.

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