Woman Crush Wednesday #3 | Charlotte Riley

It really wasn't difficult for me to decide on this week's Woman Crush Wednesday. Charlotte Riley, the most gorgeous, talented and down to earth woman, is a true inspiration and a role model for me. You may know (it's really pretty difficult not to) that I have an indescribable affinity towards her husband, Tom Hardy, but that doesn't take anything away from my admiration for Charlotte (I promise). I am delighted to share some of her best looks, red carpet appearances and reasons why she is one of my heroes.

To state the obvious, they are perfect. Two amazing actors, perfect for each other and immensely talented individuals. Couldn't be a better pairing really (I mean honestly!). 

Her biggest movie role yet was in this years summer blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow, where although she wasn't the main star she made the film even more worth watching. 

Charlotte looks great in black, she always has and paired with a nude or red lip, she looks stunning. Her statement Marilyn Red lip is a gorgeous style choice that doesn't fail to impress.

In case you were wondering, Charlotte met Tom whilst filming Wuthering Heights (shown above) together as the two main lead actors. It was a dream pairing and their on screen chemistry was fantastic. They have since gone on to act in numerous things together like the critically acclaimed crime drama, The Take. 

 Fresh faced and beautiful. All the more reason to love her! Earlier this year Charlotte made a wonderful skype call to a school from her home town of Grindon, Thorpe Thewles and answered their many questions with her usual kindness and hugely relatable character. I wish I was back in secondary school now (and living in Grindon)! You can read the article here.

With or without makeup, glammed up or in something simple (but always enviously fabulous) she is undeniable beautiful in looks and personality. I hope you've enjoyed the Charlotte Riley experience today and if you hadn't heard of her or weren't as familiar with her then I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit more about this up and coming star who is already a role model to me and so many others. 

Don't forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on todays post and as always let me know who your woman crush is and what you thought of mine!

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