The After Party Detox

Loosing sleep and partying into the night isn't really the best combination for the health and wellbeing of your body; in other words, you're a mess. Some parties are less energetic than others but when it's the New Year, less energetic parties don't really exist do they? The few days after a huge party are the best days to recuperate and get back into full health. Your body needs a total detox, inside and out. Here are a few effective ways to cleanse yourself after those crazy christmas and new year celebrations.

1. Have a few hours more sleep
- This is an obvious one but a lot of people get up at the usual time and continue to stress themselves out not knowing that it may cause them more harm than good. A well rested body is the best start to your after party detox.

2. Drink lots of Tea and Water!
- Water is a natural rejuvenating fluid and you need it after a night of crazy partying. Some teas I would recommend are green tea (my personal favourite), any herbal tea, or white tea. 

3. Eat Light
- Overloading your body with too much food post party can make you really uncomfortable. I find keeping my meals light and easy to digest is the best way to recover.

4. Hit the gym 
- Another great way to recover from a late night party is sweating the alcohol out of your system and waking yourself up. Exercise is usually the best way to start the day and waken your metabolism; a post party essential. Do 45 mins in the gym or go for a run, whatever floats your boat.

(onto my favourite part)

5. Pamper yourself 
- Late nights and a little too much alcohol can be a toxic combination for your skin. Dehydration, blemishing and roughness are often caused by partying hard and sleeping rough. The after party detox is the best excuse to pamper yourself;
  • Take a long, relaxing bath.
  • Apply a face mask.
  • Cleanse your skin.
  • Keep it nourished with lotions and butters.
Make the most of the time you have left before your schedule becomes chockablock again, the weekends coming up and its time to rehabilitate after all those rough nights. If you have any other tips to add to this quick list, then feel free to contribute, I hope this can help anyone looking for some detoxing tips. 

Happy New Year everyone, have a great 2015!

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