10 Ways To Get Over Writers Block

Unless you're the most inspired person in the world, you'll experience a spot of writers block now and then. For bloggers it can simply be a lack of ideas for your next post, or a complete bout of self doubt; what am I doing? Does anyone actually read this anyway? We've all been there, me especially. When I have no ideas or begin to think my posts are getting a little samey, I just tell myself 'you're going through a spot of writers block, you'll be fine'. My best advice is never force yourself to write something just because you've missed a few days or feel guilty about not posting, that'll only lead to uninspiring posts and make you feel worse. I'm no expert and certainly not a blogging pro, but here are my top 10 ways to get over that pesky writers block. 

1. Travel somewhere new
Whenever I travel somewhere new, or to a place thats open, beautiful and full of colour, my brain starts to wake up and the ideas start flying. Just seeing new things outside of your usual milieu and experiencing some rather pretty landscapes and environments can honestly make you feel more inspired to write.

2. Turn up the music
Sometimes, if I'm fed up of the silence or simply annoyed with what I'm hearing as I write, I plug some headphones in and listen to some music. For me, unfortunately, I can't listen to music with lyrics or else I'll start singing the songs and never get anything written, or I'll start writing out the song lyrics instead of the actual post. If you're like me, I recommend downloading some film soundtracks or instrumentals, they can be such a help. My music of choice is any soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer (my favourite composer), especially Inception (my favourite film).

3. Read a book that inspires you
Recently I finished Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl and I can honestly say that it was one of the best books I've read in years. A good book, any book that inspires you, can be the key to getting your creative juices flowing. The book you're reading may have some ideas you can use, give you ideas for posts or you may just want to write about your experience reading it. 

4. Go shopping
Shopping can get you many things (obviously) but for fashion and beauty writers especially, shopping can open up a whole treasure trove of writing opportunities. Whether you buy something to review or buy something you can add to a post, anything is possible. Even just window shopping and snooping around the shops can propel you to want to write; see something that annoys you? Write about it. Discover something you love? Write about it. 

5. Make Photography your best friend
For bloggers, taking your own photos is quintessential to animating your posts and attracting the readers eye, so why not go out and take some? Even if you don't have a post in mind, take pictures of recent purchases, current favourite things, landscapes, buildings, or old things. The list is endless. By the time you sit down to look at all the photos you've taken, you're likely to find a whole host of things you can write about and churn out a dozen posts just from one or two photography sessions.

6. Utilise other blogs for inspiration
Take a break from trying to churn out a blog post and have a scroll through Bloglovin' or twitter using the blogging hashtags and find a blog to start reading. Often times you'll notice yourself picking up ideas, and becoming more inspired to write again just by reading other blogs. There are a multitude of blog posts like '50 blog post ideas' or 'How to improve your blog' that can be so relieving for your current lack of creativity. Check out my blogging tips collection here.

7. Take a notebook with you everywhere
If you're stuck for ideas for the next post, sometimes when you're just minding your own business an idea pops into your head. Eureka! You've struck gold and your creativity is back, BUT you're stuck on a train with no wifi, no computer, and basically no technology! My advice in this situation is simple; always carry a notebook with you, a notebook dedicated to blog post ideas and notes. It's honestly been such a godsend for me, I have a calendar in it to schedule posts, and of course a bunch of pages filled with notes, observations during my travels and just words that inspire me.

8. Change your writing destination
If your mind is clouded and you can't think straight, then perhaps it's not you but it's your writing environment. I often find that tidying up my desk and keeping up a clutter free space can automatically make me feel less stressed and more ready to blog. If the lighting is wrong, fix it. Light a candle to change the scene a little, try out a few things to see what suits you. If all else fails, why not move to another place in your home, or even another place altogether (a library, outside on a sunny day, someone else's house etc.) you'll be amazed at how much more inspired just a change of scenery can make.

9. Get into reading fashion magazines
It wouldn't surprise me if you're thinking 'but I already read magazines', I have no doubt in the world that the majority of you do. We're bloggers, it's in our nature. But, have you ever thought of how helpful they can be when you're stuck for blog post inspiration? Magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmo and many others, have a variety of writers with diverse writing styles. There'll be at least one article that really speaks to you with something you can relate to. The latest beauty and fashion trends, editorial fashion shoots and so much more. Like the article below on red lipstick, there is so much content that you can get inspiration from. 

10. Take a little break
If all else fails and you really can't write anything yet, then my best advice is to just take a short break away from blogging and get your mojo back. It can be hard to accept that you need a break, but if you're schedule is jammed, you're ideas just aren't flowing and you're feeling a little stressed, then the only answer is to have a little vacation away from blogging. Ensure you've exhausted all other options before doing so, and don't take too long of a break that you can't imagine coming back, you're readers need you! 

So there you have it, my top 10 tips for getting over writers block. We've all been there, no one is perfect and no one is eternally inspired, but always remember it's your blog, you make the rules. Nobody can tell you when to upload a post and certainly not how to run your website. I hope this can help in your times of need! 

What are your tips for getting over writers block?

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