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The day I get to go to a fashion show at any fashion week from New York, to London or even Paris, it  will be a dream come true. One of my ultimate goals in life is to have a job in fashion journalism which has been a dream of mine for years and years. Until then, like most people, I follow fashion week from home. But there's no need to frown because there are many ways you can follow the shows, designers, events and everyones favourite front rows (or frow's). Today I'm going to share the ways I follow fashion week and how much I think you should too.
It may be simple or typical for some, but nothing beats Vogue's main website that covers all the latest fashion in full detail every day of fashion week. It's a fashion source that can't be equalled.
Even though, for me, nothing beats Vogue, I find that as well as covering the fashion shows Elle also let you in on the latest fashion week rumours, scandals and break out models or designers. They help you catch up if you've missed anything, whereas with Vogue it's harder to find those archives. 

The Essential Apps
iPhone or iPad, I like to download a few apps to clench my thirst for runway shows and designers. I have three apps that are quintessential for keeping me up to date with the very latest and greatest from fashion week with the trends, the events and the news.

Pop Sugar are in a league of their own with the amount of different topics and categories they cover through their worldwide content, and this year I came across their Fashion week app for your every fashion need. Download is here.

POP SUGAR Fashion Week offer a simple, interactive app for browsing through the latest fashion shows and parties. They also have an archive of all the shows since 2001, so there's a vast array of fashion oriented content to explore during this seasons fashion bonanza. Download it here.
Last, but not least there's Vogue Collections, which updates by the hour with the latest fashion shows happening there and then. The difference with Vogue collections is you can also rate the looks whilst browsing and easily share your favourites. This app is dedicated solely to collections so there'll be no other distractions if the collections are all you're looking for. Download it here

Vogue Collections

Unlike most years when I rely solely on Vogue and Elle's fashion week magazine segments to read in depth on Fashion this season, I came across Stylist magazine which is free to download for iPhone and iPad! It's full of the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle bits that you'll need and is updated regularly. But of course, Vogue and Elle are still in the picture as always. Who can blame me?

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about how I follow fashion week each season and I hope these  simple mediums to follow the latest fashion can appeal to you too. I absolutely love watching runways shows and comparing designers, events and extravagancy, its so much fun. 

Enjoyed this seasons fashion weeks so far? How do you follow fashion week? Who's your favourite designer?

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