Valentines Day Gift Ideas

With Valentines day fast approaching, it's time to have a little splurge, but this time on your other half (it's a rarity, I know!). Ignoring the cliche bunch of roses and box of chocolates, you can make this Valentines day rather special. As a blogger, fashion and beauty addict, and just and all round girly girl, I feel it my duty to have an array of gift ideas coming your way; us girls are generally a lot better at gift giving than guys, but from a girls perspective, I think I've got us covered! As always, feel free to impart your ideas too, there's always room for more (she says greedily...). 

Gift Ideas for her

Ted Baker Wallet / Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette / Happy Socks / Beats by Dr Dre / Tom Ford Purifying Facial Cleanser / G-Shock Premium Aviator Watch / Johnstons Cashmere Woven Scarf 

Is it just me or do these collections just make you want to have quite a large splurge on yourself? Nonetheless, I hope I've delivered some valuable ideas to make this Valentines day the best yet. Don't forget, a gift isn't always everything; whatever you do, it's the thought that counts. 

What are your favourite Valentines day gift ideas?

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