What's In My Bag: Spring 2015

I don't know about you but I LOVE What's In My Bag posts and youtube videos. There's something extremely entertaining about watching other people delve into their clutter filled bags to see what little gems are hidden inside and what they like to carry around day to day. A bag is part of a girls personality, so I think sharing the contents is a great way to share more about you. The kind of bag you sport is a hugely seasonal thing (unless you're a student like me when a big bag is an all-year-round kind of thing), in the summer its great to have a smaller, less fussy bag and in winter it's all about oversized. The contents of my bag are pretty simple, the only thing I haven't included is the wad of disorganised papers that are meant to be notes from my lessons!

Right now I'm using my large Zara 'City Bag', it's huge and holds just about everything I could ever need. I'm an over the shoulder kind of person so the long handy strap is perfect. It's got two zip sections, front and back, then an open middle section with a magnetic clip that keeps it all together. It's also got a handy front pocket for things I need to grab quickly, which is usually my purse (shopping, shopping, shopping!).  

My laptop: Even though I own an iPad mini that's perfectly transportable, now that my bag allows it, I take my laptop everywhere. It's an Apple Macbook Air, so it's very light and fits perfectly in any of the zip sections, and no one knows its even there! If I have some spare time, I'll busy myself blogging until my next lesson. 

Little notebook + pens: As a blogger, you'll know for certain that a notepad and pen is a travel essential, ideas can spring to my mind at any time so I need to come prepared. A lot of people prefer using their phone or tablet, but I'm a notebook lover and have always preferred having the freedom to jot down what I'm thinking on paper. My notebook is from Waterstones, it was really affordable, simple and has a lovely pattern too. 

My Passport: I don't know why but I love taking my passport with me wherever I go just in case. It also helps because I look a lot younger than I am! Plus I like to travel a lot, hence why having this would be quite useful. 

My current book of choice: At the moment I'm reading the book #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, and in order to ensure it gets read I like to take it with me any chance I get. I'm loving it so far, and there's a dedicated blog post on it's way (I won't spoil it, don't worry)!

Beauty related things: I like to take my Victoria's Secret Sweet and Flirty Body Mist along with a miniature Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume. The smells both complement each other perfectly, and I love having them with me for an extra spritz during the day. No bag would be complete without a refreshing facial spray, and I love taking my mini bottle of Caudalie's famous Beauty Elixir (limited edition L'Wren Scott) with me wherever I go. It's great for a mid-day makeup refresh and smells gorgeous. My Victoria's Secret mirror is a much needed bag staple, and my makeup bag holds all the essentials.

My Purse: I got this purse a couple of years ago from River Island and it's served me well. I've always loved nude pinks, and I find it goes with almost everything. It's spacious and manages (just about) to hold everything I throw in there.

I hope you've enjoyed my What's in my bag post, I've thoroughly enjoyed sharing the contents with you. If you too like this kind of post, I suggest you take a look over on Pinterest for many more!

What's in your bag? Leave links to your posts!

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm | Finally.

Since the beginning of my skincare loving days, some 4 years ago, I have always wanted Emma Hardie's revolutionary sumptuous Amazing Face Moringa cleansing balm. If you follow me on Instagram then you'll already know that I've finally got my hands on some and I couldn't be more delighted. Recently my love of cleansing balms has increased considerably, and I think the be all and end all of cleansing balms is this one (and the Eve Lom one of course), so my cleansing balm desires are just about complete. This is obviously not a new edition to the skincare greats, over the years its become something of a cult classic in the beauty industry. 
One lesson I've learnt from using cleansing balms is that they do require a little more looking after than most other types of cleansers. The fact that they're essentially a solid oil, means they must be stored in a cool environment so that they don't melt. Here in England we tend not to have an issue with that, but with summer creeping up on us, even I'm beginning to notice some slight melting. If you live in the Arctic or some very cold parts of Canada then of course this won't be an issue, but if you live in a hot country and do invest in this balm, I do suggest you organise a cool area to store it. I've always wondered whether this product is more of a winter skincare solution, because I'd definitely recommend it for those dry winter months, so perhaps this correlates nicely with the type of weather it's suited for. 

Do I LOVE it? Well of course I do, and like many others I could rave about it all day. I'm always asked by people who don't really bother with skincare, how I can justify spending £40 or more on one product, and I always put it down to the effects and the ingredients. Emma Hardie has ensured that her cleansing balm does what it says on the tin (literally) and goes above and beyond most other cleansers out there. Aside from Moringa, it contains ingredients like; Grape Seed, Sweet Almond, Orange Peel Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Jasmine Flower Oil and lots of other nature derived ingredients (for a full list click here). If you see an ingredients list with that many natural sources, then you know a lot of effort's been out into ensuring that its an enriching, delight of a product. 
How do I use it? Like most cleansing balms, Emma Hardie's is formulated to remove all and every type of makeup from layers of foundation to the toughest of waterproof mascaras. It's great to use in the evening as part of a double cleanse before exfoliating. If you own an exfoliating brush I don't recommend using a balm with it, it just doesn't work (trust me, I've tried). On it's own this is a beautifully hydrating morning cleanser, which awakens the skin and fully nourishes it for the rest of day. If you suffer from dry skin, or get dry patches during the day, this is the perfect solution for you. A muslin cloth is kindly provided with each purchase, and in my opinion thats the best way to remove a cleanser from your face, hands down. 

The Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm is around £36 for 100ml, but I do believe it also comes in a 200ml  size tub, but I'm yet to find where I can get one! Having used it sparingly for the last four weeks, I am delighted with the way it's made my skin feel, and how hydrated it is now; a little goes a long way, so you're looking at at least 3 months use out of one tub.

Ever used this cleansing balm? What are your thoughts? What's your favourite cleanser?

Thoughts Of The Day | Tattoos

Recently I stumbled across the popular blog Tattoologist, and it made me think a lot more about my opinions of Tattoos and whether I'd ever want to get any myself. Ever since I was little I was taught to look down upon them, and the way society stigmatises Tattoos, you couldn't blame me. As I grew older I became more and more intrigued and fascinated by them, I then became more and more annoyed that having tattoos could immediately make people falsely label you as tacky, immature, rebellious, unintelligent, and often times unfit to work, to name a few. These judgements are rather harsh, and I completely disagree that having tattoos should automatically change peoples perception of you, does it take a certain type of person to get a tattoo?
Images c/o Tattoologist

I think tattoos are a beautiful way of expressing your opinions, individualising yourself, and attaching yourself permanently to something that you hold dear. Many people get tattoos to commemorate a loved one, remember a special occasion (like Katy Perry recently did in honour of her SuperBowl performance), or honour something you love. Sometimes things matter so much to you that a tattoo is the only thing that will properly do it justice. I personally love the idea of being able to almost wear your passions and experiences, as a pose to having a photo album, a memory or a forgotten part of your life. Other people don't get tattoos for any particular reason, some just get them to make a statement or follow a trend, should they be singled out and judged for their appearances?

There are literally millions of different types of tattoos out there, and many more to come, does the size or location of the tattoo affect how people see you? A lot of tattoos are really creative and artistic, celebrating anything and everything, and why not get a pretty design on your shoulder, a sleeve of ultra artistic drawings, or a treble clef behind your ear? Of course if your tattoo is rude, offensive or vulgar, then perhaps a distinction can be made because that person has disregarded whether they'll offend anyone or not. At the end of the day its up to that person what their tattoo looks like, symbolises and means to them, tattoos should not affect your chances of employment surely?

Mac Cinderella Collection | Makeup Envy

Since the Mac Cinderella collection came out, I have been swooning; its not only a thing of beauty, but also such a dazzling array of makeup, its truly a fairytale. As aware as I am that everyone is going on and on about it, I still felt the need to do a Makeup envy post on this wonderful new collection from Mac. This collection gives you the chance to get the looks from the movie and experiment to your hearts desire. I personally love the makeup used in the movie, and the colours are perfect for summer. Here are some of my favourites; 

Wagamama | the food diaries

As some of you may know, I turned 18 yesterday and despite the fact that London was busier than ever, I managed to find a near empty Wagamama in Piccadilly to grab a bite to eat. I love eating out in London, it's food is some of the most versatile and varied in the world. I'd like to say I've been to a fair few Japanese restaurants, but I'd never actually been to a Wagamama restaurant before! I know, it's almost a right of passage for people in the big cities here in England to eat in Wagamama, as I'm sure it is for a lot of other places, but despite knowing all about it (and owning their recipe book!) this was my very first time.

Boots Botanics | A Noteworthy Collection

When it comes to skincare, there are many products that steal the spot light but also tend to be quite expensive, so naturally it's a rare commodity when I find a skincare range that works for much less money. The Boots Botanics Range is fast becoming one of my favourite skincare ranges and reliability wise, it's 100% effective. Plus, I'm a sucker for cleansing balms, so I had to try it.


You know the best time of year is fast approaching when the colours begin to show and the sun starts to shine; spring is almost here. In the proper spring-like fashion, this years Cheltenham Races is all about the ladies and our mode of expression through colour. As part of the build up to the event, like many bloggers, I'm joining in the fun and showcasing a few outfits fit for the occasion, that I would love to wear to the event. Whether you're going or not, tune in to see what all the fuss is about!

Minkpink Floral Print Midi Skirt in Pink £45Deena & Ozzy Vertical Zip & Clip Bag £48ASOS Coat With Cocoon Fit In Textured Wool / ASOS HOP SCOTCH Flatform Sandals 

Thoughts Of the Day | Makeup

For todays thought of the day makeup is on the mind. The multi million pound (slash dollar, slash euro etc.) industry that is at the pinnacle of the beauty and fashion industries. Quite frankly the world wouldn't be the same without it. What strikes me about makeup is how much of an art form it has become, and how dependent the world is on it's effects, benefits and beauty. And by beauty I mean, how beautiful the packaging is! Oh god, some of the stuff I buy is purely for the packaging alone, I'm sure you can relate. 

Currently Loving #1

Instead of my usual monthly favourites post, I thought I'd share some of the products I've been loving recently; an impromptu favourites post, because I can't for the life of me conjure up enough products every month. Today is mainly skincare with one key body care product, all of which I've been loving lately. Feel free to let me know it you've ever tried these gems.
Ren V-Cence Youth Vitality Day Cream: Ren have gained a lot of attention lately because of their fascinatingly brilliant V-Cence range, which is constantly getting revamped and improved, by the way. I would love to try the Day Cream's partner, their V-Sence Night Cream, but right now I'm beaming with pride at this new day cream that I love. My first impressions were that it was rather thick and slightly too much so for a day cream, especially when applying makeup on top. However, leave it about five minutes and the gentle formula will be absorbed and your skin will remain smooth, hydrated, yet not caked with a thick moisturiser. It's main ingredients include Vitamin C and Frankincense, which gives the product its renowned rejuvenating properties. Another aspect of the product that I like is the packaging; don't get me wrong, I'm generally not fussed about what the product is put in but when its especially good, I tend to notice. The pump mechanism and the handy design, makes it great for fitting in your handbag and ultimately allows for easy travel.

Pixi Glow Tonic: By now, thanks to Caroline Hirons, the Pixi Glow tonic is almost a household name to people in the beauty world. At first I thought it would be as strong as the likes of Alpha H's Liquid Gold, but instead its rather gentle yet deeply exfoliating. I always apply this in the evening after a cleanse nowadays, and I've forgotten what my skin was like before Pixi. My love for this product cannot be expressed in words, it really can't. I'm no where near finished my current bottle, but I'm already worried about running out and having to use something else in the mean time. The formula is so calming and refreshing, with a lovely Aloe Vera smell, not anything too strong smelling though. It's just a miracle skin brightening/smoothing remedy.
E45 Repair and Protect Overnight Hand Cream: You may have noticed over the months when I've been writing this blog that I'm rather fond of overnight treatments and repairing products, they're just wonderful. Much like any overnight moisture mask or oil serum, E45 have a wonderful hand cream that you can apply straight before bed and notice the difference as soon as you wake up. Nothing is better than sleeping (which is amazing) and waking up to a smooth set if hands! I bought this cream primarily because I do a lot of cooking and tasks with my hands (I burn myself a lot, I'm that clumsy), so I needed something to smoothen out and repair the skin. Not only has it made my hands smoother and healthier looking, but it's also helped repair my scars and burns quicker, so they're not so unsightly. I would recommend this to anyone who feels their hands need a little bit more love now and then, it's a great addition to your bed time regime with many benefits. 

Indeed Labs Eysilix: Eysilix is, as you may have a guessed, an eye cream, but unlike others it covers a range of eye related qualms. I've found that it helps with puffiness, redness, stye's and tiredness, all in one. I have been thoroughly enjoying the addition of Indeed Labs products to my skincare routine (more posts to come!) and have loved using Eysilix whenever I needed to brighten my day. I only ever use an eye cream when I notice my eyes are looking particularly puffy, red or fatigued, or of course if I have a stye. Other than that, I'll omit it because there's no need really. Some people like to use an eye cream every day, which is completely up to them, I think that this eye cream would be suited to anyones needs, whether its everyday or only 3 times a week. 

Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist*: Before using this product I'd never heard of the brand Skyn, but now I want everything to do with it. The Arctic Facial Mist has become a welcome staple in my skincare routine, its helped clear my skin and it's highly refreshing. I found my skin was a lot smoother after using this mist, more than any other I've used before. I spray it on my face once after using my Pixi glow tonic, morning and evening. It's been wonderful. 

Have you've used any of these before, what did you think?

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