You know the best time of year is fast approaching when the colours begin to show and the sun starts to shine; spring is almost here. In the proper spring-like fashion, this years Cheltenham Races is all about the ladies and our mode of expression through colour. As part of the build up to the event, like many bloggers, I'm joining in the fun and showcasing a few outfits fit for the occasion, that I would love to wear to the event. Whether you're going or not, tune in to see what all the fuss is about!

Minkpink Floral Print Midi Skirt in Pink £45Deena & Ozzy Vertical Zip & Clip Bag £48ASOS Coat With Cocoon Fit In Textured Wool / ASOS HOP SCOTCH Flatform Sandals 

Make sure you pencil in some time to see all the action whether that means actually going to the races or following @ColourMeMarch on twitter, the big event begins at 1:50pm on the 11th March and don't forget the hashtag, #ColourMeMarch!

I could do this all day! It is so fun choosing outfits and creating looks, for such a great occasion. To everyone going to the Cheltenham Races this year, have a wonderful, colourful time!

What do you think of my outfit choices? What would you where for #COLOURMEMARCH?

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