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Instead of my usual monthly favourites post, I thought I'd share some of the products I've been loving recently; an impromptu favourites post, because I can't for the life of me conjure up enough products every month. Today is mainly skincare with one key body care product, all of which I've been loving lately. Feel free to let me know it you've ever tried these gems.
Ren V-Cence Youth Vitality Day Cream: Ren have gained a lot of attention lately because of their fascinatingly brilliant V-Cence range, which is constantly getting revamped and improved, by the way. I would love to try the Day Cream's partner, their V-Sence Night Cream, but right now I'm beaming with pride at this new day cream that I love. My first impressions were that it was rather thick and slightly too much so for a day cream, especially when applying makeup on top. However, leave it about five minutes and the gentle formula will be absorbed and your skin will remain smooth, hydrated, yet not caked with a thick moisturiser. It's main ingredients include Vitamin C and Frankincense, which gives the product its renowned rejuvenating properties. Another aspect of the product that I like is the packaging; don't get me wrong, I'm generally not fussed about what the product is put in but when its especially good, I tend to notice. The pump mechanism and the handy design, makes it great for fitting in your handbag and ultimately allows for easy travel.

Pixi Glow Tonic: By now, thanks to Caroline Hirons, the Pixi Glow tonic is almost a household name to people in the beauty world. At first I thought it would be as strong as the likes of Alpha H's Liquid Gold, but instead its rather gentle yet deeply exfoliating. I always apply this in the evening after a cleanse nowadays, and I've forgotten what my skin was like before Pixi. My love for this product cannot be expressed in words, it really can't. I'm no where near finished my current bottle, but I'm already worried about running out and having to use something else in the mean time. The formula is so calming and refreshing, with a lovely Aloe Vera smell, not anything too strong smelling though. It's just a miracle skin brightening/smoothing remedy.
E45 Repair and Protect Overnight Hand Cream: You may have noticed over the months when I've been writing this blog that I'm rather fond of overnight treatments and repairing products, they're just wonderful. Much like any overnight moisture mask or oil serum, E45 have a wonderful hand cream that you can apply straight before bed and notice the difference as soon as you wake up. Nothing is better than sleeping (which is amazing) and waking up to a smooth set if hands! I bought this cream primarily because I do a lot of cooking and tasks with my hands (I burn myself a lot, I'm that clumsy), so I needed something to smoothen out and repair the skin. Not only has it made my hands smoother and healthier looking, but it's also helped repair my scars and burns quicker, so they're not so unsightly. I would recommend this to anyone who feels their hands need a little bit more love now and then, it's a great addition to your bed time regime with many benefits. 

Indeed Labs Eysilix: Eysilix is, as you may have a guessed, an eye cream, but unlike others it covers a range of eye related qualms. I've found that it helps with puffiness, redness, stye's and tiredness, all in one. I have been thoroughly enjoying the addition of Indeed Labs products to my skincare routine (more posts to come!) and have loved using Eysilix whenever I needed to brighten my day. I only ever use an eye cream when I notice my eyes are looking particularly puffy, red or fatigued, or of course if I have a stye. Other than that, I'll omit it because there's no need really. Some people like to use an eye cream every day, which is completely up to them, I think that this eye cream would be suited to anyones needs, whether its everyday or only 3 times a week. 

Skyn Iceland Arctic Face Mist*: Before using this product I'd never heard of the brand Skyn, but now I want everything to do with it. The Arctic Facial Mist has become a welcome staple in my skincare routine, its helped clear my skin and it's highly refreshing. I found my skin was a lot smoother after using this mist, more than any other I've used before. I spray it on my face once after using my Pixi glow tonic, morning and evening. It's been wonderful. 

Have you've used any of these before, what did you think?

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