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Since the Mac Cinderella collection came out, I have been swooning; its not only a thing of beauty, but also such a dazzling array of makeup, its truly a fairytale. As aware as I am that everyone is going on and on about it, I still felt the need to do a Makeup envy post on this wonderful new collection from Mac. This collection gives you the chance to get the looks from the movie and experiment to your hearts desire. I personally love the makeup used in the movie, and the colours are perfect for summer. Here are some of my favourites; 

1. Studio Eye Gloss
Providing a light, glossy finish to any eye shadow or perfect on it's own, the eye gloss comes in two dazzling shades; Pearl Vanish and Lightly Tauped

2. Fluidline
Instead of the usual liquid liner, MAC have created a beautiful duo to use along side their eye shadows and eye gloss in the shades Macroviolet and Little Black Bow. I'd love to see this product in action, its said to deliver foolproof application and since liquid liner is particularly hard to apply (for me especially) this would be a welcome addition to my collection.

3. Lipstick 
As you may know, I love the classic nude lip. It's rather exciting when a new shade or type of nude lipstick comes out, I love exploring the many ways it can be used. MAC have a wonderful shade of nude called Free As A Butterfly and a slightly darker pink called Royal Ball. These lipsticks are specially formulated to highlight and accentuate your lips' shape and goes well with all skin tones. 

4. Beauty Powder 
This Beauty Powder comes exclusively in the shade Mystery Princess, which is a shimmery light beige colour. This powder would be perfect for contouring and I'd definitely use this as a light buffing powder or a beautiful evening shimmer. 

5. Iridescent Powder 
With a name like Coupe d'Chic, the MAC Iridescent powder must be as dazzling as it sounds. It has a lot more of a shimmer than the Beauty Powder and has a lovely pink hue. It would perfectly produce a peachy pink cheek and go nicely with the beauty powders lighter shade. 

6. BlendingBrush + Contour Brush
There's not a lot to say about the brushes; I've always loved MAC brushes, and I'm always willing to add some more to my collection.  

7. Stroke of Midnight Eye Shadow Palette 
From watching the trailer alone, you will definitely notice the makeup on Kate Blanchett, and I immediately recognised her purple eye shadow which is perfectly matched to the deep purple of MAC's Stroke of Midnight Palette. These colours look spectacular and so versatile, thats my days and evenings sorted!

8. Studio Fix Lash 
It may sound slightly excessive, but despite owning countless Mascara's, I just can't help lusting after the latest and greatest, I'm sure you feel the same way. Some mascara's are long-lasting and perfect for the day time and others are a lot thicker for a bold, evening look. With MAC's Studio Fix Lash it's rumoured to give you the best of both worlds with its long-lasting, yet flexible application and a wonderful voluminous finish. 

Aside from my anticipation to try out this collection, I cannot wait to see the film. It came out last Friday and is still in cinemas, and will be for a while, so if you haven't already, I suggest you head on down to watch this spectacular blockbuster. For some extra inspiration from my favourite youtuber, Carli Bybel, please refer to the video below, its so informative and Carli shows you how to create her gorgeous  look using the new Mac Cinderella collection. Doesn't she look wonderful? 

What are your favourites from this collection? What can't you wait to try?
Can't get a hold of the MAC Cinderella products right now? Although they're all sold out, Cosmo have compiled a super helpful list of dupes you can get your hands on right now, read the article here.
Images c/o the Metro.

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