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Recently I stumbled across the popular blog Tattoologist, and it made me think a lot more about my opinions of Tattoos and whether I'd ever want to get any myself. Ever since I was little I was taught to look down upon them, and the way society stigmatises Tattoos, you couldn't blame me. As I grew older I became more and more intrigued and fascinated by them, I then became more and more annoyed that having tattoos could immediately make people falsely label you as tacky, immature, rebellious, unintelligent, and often times unfit to work, to name a few. These judgements are rather harsh, and I completely disagree that having tattoos should automatically change peoples perception of you, does it take a certain type of person to get a tattoo?
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I think tattoos are a beautiful way of expressing your opinions, individualising yourself, and attaching yourself permanently to something that you hold dear. Many people get tattoos to commemorate a loved one, remember a special occasion (like Katy Perry recently did in honour of her SuperBowl performance), or honour something you love. Sometimes things matter so much to you that a tattoo is the only thing that will properly do it justice. I personally love the idea of being able to almost wear your passions and experiences, as a pose to having a photo album, a memory or a forgotten part of your life. Other people don't get tattoos for any particular reason, some just get them to make a statement or follow a trend, should they be singled out and judged for their appearances?

There are literally millions of different types of tattoos out there, and many more to come, does the size or location of the tattoo affect how people see you? A lot of tattoos are really creative and artistic, celebrating anything and everything, and why not get a pretty design on your shoulder, a sleeve of ultra artistic drawings, or a treble clef behind your ear? Of course if your tattoo is rude, offensive or vulgar, then perhaps a distinction can be made because that person has disregarded whether they'll offend anyone or not. At the end of the day its up to that person what their tattoo looks like, symbolises and means to them, tattoos should not affect your chances of employment surely?
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As I've just turned 18, I now have a lot more freedom of choice, which includes where I go, whether I decide to continue my education, whether I want to get a tattoo or even another piercing. I think I've finally decided, contrary to my previous beliefs, that I do want to get some tattoos, but it really scares me that they might change my job prospects and the way people view me. What tattoos would I get? As some of you may know I have a strong affinity towards Harry Potter, so I'd absolutely love to get something tattooed that commemorates my love of the story and the fact that it's been a huge part of my life for many years. I'd also love to get the name of my favourite album, Nostalgia Ultra by Frank Ocean, an album I believe has changed my life, tattooed somewhere too. And, I also really like the idea of getting important dates tattooed in Roman Numerals. 
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Admittedly tattoos are often times not the most pleasant looking things. Even though I hate the fact that having a tattoo makes you susceptible to judgement, I often look at peoples tattoos and dislike them, nevertheless, that doesn't make me want to dislike that person until I've actually met them and decided if I like them or not. You were clothes everyday, how come they hold far less stigma? Why are tattoos taken so much more seriously when what people should pay more attention to is your persona, attitude and likability. Often times what I where doesn't reflect my personality, most of the time I'd rather be in sweat pants or pyjamas, but if I knew I was going for a job interview I'd naturally wear something smart and presentable. That doesn't always indicate that I'm an all round organised person, because really I'm very disorganised and late for everything!

What I'm getting at is that surely, in todays society, in 2015, Tattoos should be a formality compared to the many things you can choose to fairly judge a person, because ultimately, you can't judge a book by its cover.
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What are your thoughts on Tattoos? Do you have any? Do you want to get some? What do tattoos mean to you? 

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