Bedside Table Staples: Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2015

For me, bedside table books tend to consist of magazines and light reading; I do the bulk of my reading during the day or on my iPad. This months bedside table feature is the last of three Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2015, the Binx Edition. The set included Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and of course Binx Walton; each model had their own collections book by Elle magazine which consisted of the latest fashion news and trends of the season. Unfortunately I missed out on the first two editions, but I managed to get the last one! 

Missed the last issues like me? The third edition gives you a quick recap on the main content of the two previous Elle Collections, and by the looks of things we didn't miss too much. The latest issue is basically a break down of the best spring/summer fashion trends in various themes like denim, floral, pink, leather and black. It's perfect if you're looking to revamp your wardrobe for summer; this book allows you to choose your favourite styles and find out what the designers have in store for the up and coming seasons, so you can get shopping!

Can you spot the Dolce and Gabbana? If you're less familiar with the versatile designers that showcased their spring/summer collections this year, Elle have taken the best of all types and made it so easy to find your favourites. If you know exactly which designer you love, you're sure to find his/her designs in a section of this issue; Elle has got you covered.

I think its so cool how they've incorporated street fashion - its, in my opinion, the life blood of fashion today. Luxury fashion items are wonderful to gawk at but ultimately most of us can only look; street fashion is where the runway trends meet the urban vibes and make one big and wonderful collection.
Ever wondered what a real life fashion designers, fashion staples would be like? Elle have them all played out in an instragram-esque format and I for one will be taking note. The clothes and accessories really suit my style and I'm looking forward to incorporating them into my wardrobe for spring and summer this year. 

I suppose Elle thought we needed a break from the seriousness of fashion to embark on an animal sticker journey through the rest of the issue. I'm still not quite sure where they go, but I'm sure I'll figure something out.
I case you hadn't noticed (and Elle definitely aren't letting you forget it) demin is becoming quite a prominent feature in this seasons fashion and in aid of this growing trend, Elle have quite the collage to gain some much needed inspiration. What's not to love?

Why might I need one? If you love fashion, trends and would love to reshape your wardrobe in time for spring then this is your new best friend. 

Where can I get one? You can get any of the three issue on the Elle website for £7 each.

Why is this a bedside table staple? Devoting time to this fashion spread is probably the best decision you'll make at the moment. Let is become part of your life!

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What's your favourite bedside table staple? Do you have an Elle Collections Spring/summer 2015?

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