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With summer sort of here (as you know in England we get a summer that also includes rain and cold, of course!) I felt it was time to switch up the colours and styles of my jewellery to suit the glowy essence of a warm summers day. What better way to do that than with a splash of gold! Throughout the seasons I like to mix and match my jewellery, and how much I wear, according to my outfits and what suited the weather. I think gold goes hand in hand with summer, and luckily for me, it really suits my skin tone too. What's your go to summer colour palette?

Soap & Glory: The Ultimelt

If you follow Caroline Hirons on Instagram or tune into her frequent skincare Instagram picture posts on her blog, then you'll have seen Soap & Glory's The Ultimelt many times. Lately I've been trying out a lot of Caroline's recommendations including the much loved First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads which have been wonderful so far (post to come). 

But the Ultimelt is a first for me, I've never really explored Soap & Glory's skincare range since using Dr Spot, which wasn't all that great for my skin, although I know some people love it. The Ultimelt is somewhat of a stand out product in their skincare range, as not only is it leaps and bounds better than the rest, it's also just a rather special cleaner that deserves a space on the shelf next to any number of Emma Hardie products, believe me. 
You might expect this cleanser to be more like a balm because the name suggest its perhaps a balm that melts upon contact with warm skin, but it's far from that. The Ultimelt is more of a super hydrating thick cream cleanser with a mild yet very pleasant smell and detoxifying properties to help the skin breath and close those pesky pores. The use of the hot cloth helps unclog the pores and reduce the signs of spots and ageing in the simplest way. 

Like with any hot cloth cleanser, the process of using the Ultimelt is super easy. I like to use a cream cleanser in the morning, or as a second (slash third) cleanse in the evening. This cleanser is pretty thick and hydrating so you might prefer to use it as a second evening cleanser and use a lighter cleanser (like Philosophy's Purity One Step Facial Cleanser) in the morning. All it takes is a 2-3 minute massage cleanse onto moist skin (if you're using this in the morning, just dampen the skin with warm water using the cloth) and then gently press off with the cloth. With this cleanser, it's all about the gentle massage to get the most out of it. 
Being new to Soap and Glory's skincare, I've been pleasantly surprised and very happy to get so much out of a £10 drug store cleanser. As someone with sensitive combination skin, my pores have reduced considerably and my skin hasn't reacted at all. You'll be pleased to know that the cloth is provided with the cleanser *rushes to the store immediately* and its the perfect gentle cleanse to solve any skin irritations and give a well needed detoxifying hydration boost. 

Ever tried Soap & Glory's skincare products? Does the Ultimelt take your fancy? What are your thoughts on todays skincare feature?

Leave your skin to the pro | Guest Post

Editor of HighStyleLife, Chloe Miller, has some great tips and info on skincare and treatments, I hope you enjoy!

When you are tired and sad, you feel like hundreds of years have been added to your own age, and that feeling sure can eat your guts out. It could be that you have noticed a couple of grey hairs on your head, or that your eyes are getting tired sooner, or it could be that your skin has lost its youthful freshness. There is always a choice – you can either sit and despair or you can do something about it. If you choose to do the latter, it means that there is still life and strength in you.

First aid at home
If it seems like all your DIY solutions are not working at all, and you feel like you’re running out of both time and patience, maybe it’s time to visit a specialist and see what they recommend. Maybe they will not recommend you to undergo a facelift surgery. It could be that your skin only needs some help to bet better and be as fresh as it used to be. Non invasive and non surgical solutions are becoming more and more popular so you will not have a problem opting for one solution which is helpful but not yet radical, like microdermoabrasion.

Acne Ultra Clear | Skincare Feature

The happiness of your skin always starts with your skincare. No amount of makeup can fix or eternally cover up what is an unhappy, dull skinned face crying out for more attention. I've had many people ask me why I don't seem to get many spots and why my skin is so clear, and the pressures on when I do get blemishes. The pressures on big time! Not only does it stand out like a sour thumb on face, but I just know it doesn't belong there. For others, spots and blemishes can be a huge deterrent for letting your face breath and looking after rather than covering. But we all know that covering only makes the situation worse, so lets get to the skincare!

Must Shop: Born Pretty

Thanks to the Born Pretty store, I've got a new obsession. I chose a few things from their vast (and I mean humungous) range of cosmetics; from make-up and haircare to accessories and anything with glitter. I don't know about you but I'm always looking for something to spice up my makeup collection, and with a few events coming up, these items were the perfect addition to my collection.

Sample Loving

My collection of little samples has been slowly building up into quite a considerable bulk of trial sized skincare goodies, so I thought I'd give a few a go. What I love about the sample sizes is that you can try so many amazing products (and they're often free) and find some real gems that can become staples in your beauty routines. And of course, there had to be a cleansing balm in the mix (typical). 

I feel like I'm the only person in the beauty blogging community who hasn't given Ren's Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask a proper whirl. As you might be able to detect, in this months sample collection its all about radiance. Summer is almost here and having radiant glowy skin is a must. I usually use a mask twice a week so I've been using Ren's one for a sumptuous Sunday pamper, and topping up with Origins' Clear Improvement mask on a Wednesday evening. The combination has been really helping my skin keep its glow and stay detoxified for longer. Cleansing just isn't enough sometimes. Whats special about the Glycolactic mask is that not only does is renew your complexion entirely, it also has a wonderful exfoliating ability that makes a huge difference to the look and feel of my skin. Perfect. 
Meaningful Beauty, if you didn't know already, is Cindy Crawford's world renowned beauty and skincare range that is quickly becoming one of my favourites. Thanks to Carly Bybel, I implemented her Eye Cream into my routine a couple of years ago and don't regret it for a second. This time around I've been trialling her Glowing Serum which is light pink cream very similar to the consistency and look of Clinique's Custom Smart Serum.  Whats great about this serum is that it complements my other serums and skincare products really well, layering* could not be easier. I've noticed a significant 'glow' thanks to this serum and I highly recommend it. 

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