Free Ren Skincare Essentials with this months Red Magazine

I feel like magazines are slowly becoming more and more digitally based and the magazines that we buy from the shops now have cheaper subscription services (Cosmo magazine is even on Snapchat's explore section!). We all have busy lives and hardly any time so it's always a convenience to just download the magazine you like to read on your tablet or phone, but some of the obvious perks of buying the magazine in store are the free gifts. Do you prefer magazines on your gadgets or in physical form? If you're a regular reader over here then you'll know that I love Ren. Their skincare and beauty is legendary and has always worked well with my skin. In this months Red magazine, full of lifestyle beauty and fashion tips and articles, there are three mini samples from Ren's Vita Mineral range. 
It's been a long while since I last purchased an actual magazine from the shop; my regulars, Elle and Vogue are all on my phone! Having never tried any of these Ren goodies, I had to pick this up (and if you're anything like me, I highly recommend you do the same). The Vita Mineral Range at Ren is their fabulous line which 'is focused on hydrating, nourishing and replenishing the skinned giving it everything it needs to stay healthy and hydrated.' It includes a moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm, rescue serum, and a skin oil; all focused on the protection and replenishment of our delicate skin. 

Vita Mineral's Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream, the first product included in Red Magazine's free sample pack, is (as I suspected) a multifunctional day cream with properties aimed at replenishing the skin and readying it with sufficient hydration for the day. I've used this cream a few times now and I can say its another successful and reliable day cream by Ren. I was left with smooth, non-greasy skin that was of course very well hydrated. 

Something I've definitely needed in the past few days since I've been getting very little sleep *yawn* is the Active 7 Eye Gel  a skincare saviour and a must have. I've heard great things about this product and I've been dying to try it; there's no better way to try it than with a mini sample (that was of course completely free). This eye gel helpfully reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles, tightening the under eye area to appear firmer. An absolute problem solver for those of us in need of a quick pick me up in the eye area!

Lastly, Vita Mineral's simple yet just perfect Lip Balm is again very much an essential skincare companion. After just my first use, as promised, my lips were smoother and chap free. The shape of both the mini and the full size product is perfect for travel and transportation; I'm now keeping mine in my bag for day to day use. Unlike some lip balms that are very too glossy and thick, this lip balm (despite being very hydrating) is absorbed quickly and takes action immediately. 
I hope the mini review of these mini freebies is helpful to you, and again I can't stress enough how amazing this offer is. Get a great magazine with lifestyle, beauty and fashion content with an added bonus courtesy of Ren. Win win. Let me know if you've gotten yourself a copy! 

Found any amazing Magazine freebies lately? What's your favourite magazine?

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