The Food Diaries: The Hummingbird Bakery

After visiting the Hummingbird Bakery in South Kensington, London, (for the first time may I add) I seriously believe a large chunk of heaven was brought to us in the form of the most delectable, beautiful cakes I've ever seen. The sight of these cakes is enough to make you drool, for a while I was just stunned in awe of the selection on offer. In this particular branch they have a wide variety if cup cakes, brownies and cakes as well as a seating area to enjoy the scenery and the taste. If you choose to take the cake/brownie away, then they're specially wrapped in Hummingbird's signature gift wraps. It really doesn't get better than this! 
Raspberry Ripple Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Carrot Cake
Hummingbird's signature Brownie
I got myself a little red velvet cake that was only about £2.50 for the cake and the packaging, what a bargain! It felt so good coming home from a long day in London to open up probably the most delicious cup cake I've ever eaten. I highly recommend you pay a visit if you haven't already! 

Ever been to the Hummingbird Bakery before? What are were your favourites from my visit?

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