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Today's post is going to be a little different from my usual beauty or fashion review. I feel really comfortable at this point in my life as a blogger to be candid and at ease when talking to and writing content for my readers. I dislike the idea of being conceited, pretending life is perfect, that constantly buying things is fabulous and has no repercussions. So, having recently signed up to the subscription service for shoe and accessory shopping, JustFab, a popular site that brings in hundreds of thousands of users everyday, I encountered some issues that I wanted to share with you. If you're considering joining the site and subscribing monthly to their VIP membership, then here are a few things you may want to consider.
For someone who loves fashion, hoards shoes and adores shopping, the offers that JustFab have in place are almost entirely too irresistible to say no to. The sign up format feels like your personal stylist is finding out exactly what styles you like in order to cater to your interests daily. They ask you what types of shoes you like, bags, colours, and of course your shoe size. It all feels great, there's just something really enjoyable about having a tailor made shopping experience. However, don't make the mistake I made and get swept off you feet too quickly;
  • Always read the small print
  • JustFab want as many people subscribed to their VIP membership as possible, so be aware of what boxes you tick
  • Never chose anything you're not comfortable signing up for
I feel like Brad Pitt in the film Fight Club (a must watch if you haven't seen it), telling the group all the rules before the action kicked off. But seriously, they are important things to remember. My mistake was being mesmerised by all the offers and not recognising the fact that my membership, the VIP option, meant that I automatically incurred a £35 charge each month to put towards a pair of shoes or accessories every time. I may be an avid shopper, but a pair a month would not only kill my bank account but wardrobe space would become a nonexistent luxury. 
Thank god for PayPal. As part of the welcome package, each new VIP member gets to choose a pair of their £35 shoes for just under £10 plus postage. Of course I went for that (they are the shoes you see on this post). Once they saved my payment option (PayPal), the charges can start pouring out. The rules are that each member gets until the 6th of the month to 'skip' and not get charged £35 towards another pair of shoes. Little did I know, I'd receive a wonderful email from them telling me they'd taken the funds. I was not expecting that at all

At the sign up I don't feel like I got much of a choice as to whether I would or wouldn't want to become a VIP member before I just was one! As a student, I have to budget carefully and ensure my beauty and fashion buys are at a minimum, so a monthly charge of £35 with their VIP membership (that makes you feel o so special), wasn't going to work. I wandered through various forums and articles online about getting this money back if you miss the 'skip' date and the majority were saying that you can't get it back. PANIC. I was referred to a page on JustFab's site with T&C's I certainly hadn't seen before and thats when it explained there's not refunds on monthly charges. MORE PANIC. 

I resulted to opening a case with PayPal, my trusty online bank, and they resolved it within a day of making the complaint. I got a refund and felt liberated again. Now I'm in control. They don't have my money without my full consent and I have the option to end my membership immediately. Phew. 
On one of the forums I read, someone was discussing their grievances about the customer service and explained that not only were they on hold for a long time, but the person they spoke to was painfully patronising and it really irritated them. It made me chuckle that when I called to cancel my membership, I experienced just that! A long wait and a patronising member of staff who was of course sad to hear I wanted to cancel. I couldn't tell you for sure whether this patronising tone was deliberate or not, but it sure as hell annoyed me!

Despite the sudden panic I got from this experience, I feel a lot better off because I've learnt a lot. Always read the small print and T&C's, don't let all the lovely stuff on offer mesmerise you, and always make sure you're fully aware of what you're getting into before you click yourself bankrupt. 

In no way do I want to deter you from using JustFab, they have some lovely stuff like the shoes above, which due to my love of anything suede, caught my eye immediately. I hope this post was informative for you and that my experience can help with future situations. 

Ever used JustFab? What have your experiences been like? Ever been in a similar situation?

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