Random pick me ups #1

Sometimes the most random things make me happy. Whether its a gift, an event, a milestone or a random purchase from the local shops (boots to be specific), sometimes I'm unusually delighted by it. This month I had a collection of items that I looked at and said to myself "Something about these items could make an interesting blog post.." So, for a quick life update, here's to my first of many (hopefully) Random Pick me up posts. Ever found something that wasn't particularly overwhelming but made you super happy? 

The first of my random pick me ups, and what probably caught your eye most in the pictures, is my bag of Honey Dukes Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. If you're not familiar with this sweet treat from the Harry Potter books/movie franchise, then here's the catch; they may look delicious, but some of them have hidden flavours that are less than pleasant to say the least. Regular readers will know that I have quite a close affinity towards Harry Potter and although I've been told to call it a 'guilty pleasure' I don't seem to feel guilty about it quite yet, and having only turned 18 5 months ago, I don't see why I should hide that! This month one of my best friends came back from Florida and brought me back a bag, something that rather cheered me up. It had to be on this list!

I'll address it now as some of you are probably wondering why there's a random one dollar bill on this post; I've never, ever held or spent a single dollar in my life, despite my love of the US of A. I hope to go there often when I'm older, but since I've never been there, receiving one of these was such a lift. You know when you do something that you've always wanted to do, no matter how little? Thats how this felt for me. 
I recently went to top up on what is my favourite Micellar Water, above Bioderma by far (yes I did just say that), and to my surprise Garnier have redesigned the bottle of their popular Micellar Cleansing Water for sensitive skin (a.k.a the pink one). Even though my skin isn't particularly sensitive, I automatically went for this one because I knew I'd be using it to remove eye makeup and they're pretty sensitive anyway. I think this was the same for most people, so I don't blame Garnier for putting more focus on this particular product than the others, which as far as I know haven't received the same bottle redesign as this on. I was delighted when I saw it, newly placed on the shelf, and certainly enjoyed using it for the first time!

If you're a blogger, then you'll know the frustration when everyone is handing out their personalised snazzy business cards and you're there with a scrap of paper and a pen. So, to fix this issue, I decided to finally get some of my own. I referred to the only well known trusted website that I'm familiar with, VistaPrint, and got them done in under 10 minutes. When they arrived I couldn't have been happier, they'd even thrown in a free metal cards case too!
What have your recent random pick me up's been? Used any of my items?

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