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You could not imagine my delight when the lovely people at my local Body Shop store invited me to have a very special Skincare Consultation to help me find the exact products that suit my skin and try them out! As you know, The Body Shop is one of my all time favourite brands, so an opportunity to find out exactly what products of theirs I should be using is priceless. With a consultation at The Body Shop you get a personal experience with samples to take home. Still looking for the perfect skincare routine? Here's the perfect way to end that search.

The member of staff in your local store, in my case it was the lovely Rita, will take you through the skincare ranges currently available and what each range does. Once you have an idea of what each range (out of Camomile, Vitamin C+, Vitamin E, Seaweed, Pomegranate, Aloe, Nutriganics, Drops of Youth and Tea Tree) does and which products could suit your skin (you'll never have to use just one range, always mix and match to find the perfect combination for your skin), then they'll take you through the consultation sheet. You'll talk about your current routine, and what skin type you have, but also how much water you drink because that's a really important element to the health of your skin too (I certainly need to drink more water).
With all that info, you will be guided through which range best suits your skin, and the individual products that can address your problem areas. For me, I have trouble with a slightly oilier more blemish prone T-Zone, and visible pores on my nose so I needed the Tea Tree Pore Minimiser Cream, and the Seaweed moisturiser, perfect for slightly oiler skin without drying it out, its all about mattifying but still hydrating! Even if your skin isn't completely suited to the Tea Tree range, there are quite a few of their products that are great for all types of skin. Rita told me that their Tea Tree oil is great for treating the odd blemish and cold sours too, I love the sound of that!
The Vitamin C range, a stand out skin boosting collection, has some rather delightful products perfect for skin that needs a wake up and glow, as well as for those who love that zesty flavour. Having only tried a few products from this range in the past, I've always been intrigued by the new products they've been adding. The latest stunner is their Glow Boosting Moisturiser; a light, gel like cream that delivers a very satisfying daily coverage. With your consultation, you can try out these products and take home some small samples to make sure they're right for you. The Glow Boosting Moisturiser may smell like Orange, but its actually the Camu Camu Berry that gives it that scent, a little fruit found in the Amazon Rainforest

One product that I was definitely dying to try was from the Drops of Youth Range, a new innovative collection of stellar products. One notably has been blowing up the blogosphere lately and it is of course the Drops of Youth Bouncy Mask. This overnight mask (and you know how much I love overnight masks!), has an incredible formula in that its actually bouncy to the touch and produces probably the softest skin you'll ever feel. I thought my skin was the softest it could be until I tried this stuff. All I can say is, you have to get it.
The range I was recommended was the Sea Weed range, another one I'd not fully explored yet. I've always used the Camomile and Vitamin E ranges, but let me tell you, this range is amazing. For my combination skin, that needs a little oil control now and again, the Seaweed collection offers a mattifying yet hydrating set of products to maintain skin with the perfect balance. The facial was an indescribably wonderful treatment, I was so happy during and afterwards. After Rita used the range on me, I couldn't help but purchase some of them. 
I was blown away with the Clarifying Toner, it felt just wonderful on my skin. You know when your skin tingles ever so slightly and feels super clean? Well that's how this toner made my skin feel (and that's exactly how it should feel in my opinion). Since adding it to my routine I've noticed my skin is smoother, my pores are less visible and I can feel the benefits increasing after every use. As I was still on the search for a good night cream, it only made sense that I bought the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment which comes in the form of a light gel. I love gels, so this moisturiser was right up my street. It's the perfect combination of a luxury treatment and a light, moist gel which will take good care for skin overnight. 
Lastly, I purchased the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream, which speaks for itself really, its perfect for combination/oily skin and offers a delightfully light yet effective formula for day coverage (great under makeup btw). It reminds me of the Vitamin E Aqua Sorbet in that its really light and refreshing, almost cooling for the skin. I love applying it at the end of my morning routine and its brilliant lasting effects. As I'm a member the Love My Body scheme at the Body Shop I was entitled to a birthday gift worth up to £5, so I also picked up their handy facial brush and I've been using it with ease ever since (further details in a post to come). If I were you I'd watch out soon for a new Love My Body Club card, a scheme you have to be a part of. 
I also had the privilege of taking home a sample of their new Spa of the World range, which is simply divine. The Body Shop have just such a knack for choosing scents and extracts used in their all natural products and these are simple amazing body care products. Have a look out for them coming soon! 

What do you think of the Body Shop's Skin Consultation experience? Ever had one? What products do you have at home?

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