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In France M is most definitely for Macarons and there's no denying it; they're irresistible (unless you have an Almond allergy of course, in which case I'm so sorry). Since getting more into the French life, I noticed sweets or 'bonbons' were far less popular than these delicious bitesize goodies. When travelling to France you'll notice an abundance of Boulangerie's and Patisserie's or shops that are both, everywhere. I love eating a fresh baguette in the morning, but equally so I adore a hot croissant. Today's food spot light from France is the Macaron, ever tried one?

The misnomer about the Macaron is that they originated in France, because they didn't! They first made an appearance in Italy during the Renaissance era where women produced them in Venetian Monasteries. What France did do of course, is adopt the Macaron and in doing so they made them very popular, hence why most people believe they are a purely French invention. The French way of making them is the basic recipe followed world wide, but of course it can be jazzed up and adjusted to your tastes. Many French chefs back in the 19th century claim to have invented the two-by-two Macaron composed of two almond meringue disks with a layer of butter cream in between, but no one to this day knows exactly who it was. Whoever it was, it was clearly a recipe that stuck. 
The beautiful macarons you see here are from a little patisserie called Macarons de Montmorillon based in the small town of, you guessed it, Montmorillon. You don't have to go to Montmorillon to get their produce but the best are always from there. Montmorillon is in the Poitou-Charente region of France and not far from where I'm currently staying. Of course Macarons can be found all over France, so if you come over and make a delicious discovery be sure to let me know! 

What are your favourite French sweets or deserts? What do you think of Macarons?

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