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As a city girl, I've never really explored the countryside or more rural places where things move a lot slower and you can't go crazy shopping at Urban Outfitters (because there isn't one, anywhere). I'm currently living in France but I'm lucky enough to still have a place to stay in London, my home city, and the complete opposite to rural France. Its beauty is second to none and where I'm staying, theres hardly any noise what-so-ever. To kick off my blog series 'Inside France' where I divulge my discoveries in beauty, fashion and lifestyle over here, I thought I'd share a few shots that I've taken so far!
In Poitiers (the nearest city to me), they have plenty of shops including Sephora *screams uncontrollably* Zara and Mango
Ever been to France? Like the language? Moved/travelled abroad recently?

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