Exploring Maple Holistics Skin & Hair Care + US GIVEAWAY

Considering how much I love beauty, especially natural beauty, I'm surprised I've managed to wait this long to introduce you to a US based natural beauty brand that I've been working with for that past while; Maple Holistics. It's all about pure, natural, effective hair care and beauty. I've been trying out some haircare and skincare products from their vast range of choices, I definitely recommend taking a look at whats on offer. What's also rather exciting is that we'll be giving away some of their best selling Argan Oil Shampoo* and Conditioner* set for a lucky winner in the US! If you're not in the US I still recommend you have a look at their site, there's tons of things to get your hands on, including the products I've been trailing, featured in this post.

Three Instant Repurchases

I don't know about you but I love having several great products that do the same thing so I can interchange and mix 'n' match between them, keeping my skin in tip top shape. Having more than one toner, for example, gives my skin a different cleansing experience day and night, and that applies to all products really. However, despite how much I love being spontaneous and using various different products each week, I seem to always come running back to a select few that consistently improve and add vibrance to my skin. What products do you repurchase without fail?

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