The Winter Jewellery Edit

In the winter months I like to add a splash of colour to my jewellery collection, as well as a few little quirky pieces to brighten an otherwise cold winter day. I never over state my jewellery however, if I'm wearing a colourful piece like the bracelets above, I like to wear more understated earnings and rings; it just adds a nice splash of colour. What are your winter jewellery staples?

My key to confident skin

Sometimes we all lack a bit of confidence in ourselves for many different reasons and that can affect how we project ourselves to others. Loving yourself from the outside and in is a poignant mantra I've always kept in mind. One thing that most certainly makes me feel more confident, however small, is making sure my skin is in tip top shape. With the help of Veet, I've been able to achieve smooth, hairless, nourished skin at home and I've thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Ever used Veet's Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit?

Quick Boots Haul - The Essentials

When I'm in a rush and can barely think about what I'm buying, there are few items that I instinctively pick up every time. No questions asked, they're in my basket because I couldn't survive without them. What are you drugstore staples?

A Beauty Blogger's Top 5 Ways to learn A Language

Aside from beauty and fashion, I'm also hugely passionate about languages and traveling to far and distant places to discover new things and experience new cultures (and food). I started learning french at the age of 11 but it didn't quite stick. Now, at 18, I'm just about fluent at French and starting to learn Spanish, German and even Japanese (thanks to Kill Bill). So, if you're looking to learn a new language, here are my top 5 ways to go about it.

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