Blogger Christmas Giveaway Day 6 - Labina Studio

For Day 6 of my Blogger Christmas Giveaway series I've collaborated with Gatra Labina of Labina Studio, seller of Custom and Premade Blogger templates. Today is the opportunity to explore an Etsy store with some of the most chic, modern designs that will totally revamp your blog and update its look. It's Christmas and that only means one thing; the new year is rapidly approaching. Why not make the change for 2016? What do you look for in a blog design?

Labina Studio works with a chic simplicity that makes colours pop and ideas multiply. The very basic looks of some templates are complemented by a high tech, modern format, something that draws people in instantly. Here are some of my favourites:

The New Yorkshire, £8 - Live demo

Belle Plagne, £12 - Live demo

The Wine Route, £12 - Live demo

Gatra is allowing me to giveaway one of her premade blogger templates to one lucky winner; I have chosen the template New Yorkshire to giveaway this Christmas. Enter below:

Labina Studio Blog Template of your choice!
What do you think of Gatra's templates? Looking for a new template for 2016?

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