Blogger Christmas Giveaway Day 7 - Themes Art Design

Welcome to Day 7 of my Blogger Christmas Giveaway series! Today I'm collaborating with Marcus from Themes Art Design for beautiful Wordpress Themes (and a beautiful Blogger one too) on Etsy. You may have noticed that recently my blog has had a serious change especially my template. I adore the way it looks now and I couldn't be happier with the results. I opted for Marcus' store and chose the theme Helen for Blogger. What do you think?

As well as Helen, Themes Art Design have 4 sensational Wordpress templates that have everything you could ever want in a blog template. Marcus also offers Theme Installation (basic and advanced), Font change and custom orders, all at very reasonable prices. He also offers a Wordpress Responsive Theme package with a blog template and a magazine template! As for the Blog templates, here are my favourites:

Claire, £24 - Live demo

Vomoda, £24 - Live demo

Christine, £24 - Live demo

Diane, £24 - Live demo

Themes Art Design Wordpress/Blogger Template!
What do you think of Marcus' Etsy store? Which is your favourite template?

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