Top people to follow on Snapchat

For me snapchat isn't just about socialising with close friends. Its a unique opportunity to experience and see parts of other peoples lives, namely celebs, that normally you wouldn't get to see at all. Following people like Rosie Huntington Whitely for example, can be very handy in that she always posts her makeup and skincare products so we can see what she uses (all of which automatically go on the wishlist). I've read dozens of articles in magazines telling you who you must follow and of those people and some I've followed myself, I've made a list of the people who I most enjoy/benefit from following. Who do you follow?

1. Pop Sugar @popsugarmag
2. ASOS @asosfashion
3. Charlotte Tilbury @ctilburymakeup
4. Claire Marshall @heyclairehey
5. Cosmo @cosmomag
6. Estée Lalonde @essie_button
7. Jordyn Woods @jordynnwoodss
8. Rosie Huntington-Whitely @RosieHW
9. Gigi Hadid @itsgigihadid
10. Jayde Pierce @jaydepierce
11. Kylie Jenner @kylizzlemynizzl
12. Mario Dedivanovic @makeupbymario
13. Pia Mia @princesspiamia
14. Sophia Amoruso @sophiaamoruso
15. Val Mercado @val.jpg

Don't forget to add me on Snapchat for a nosy in on my life outside the blog (mostly more beauty stuff, ootd's and selfies)! All you do is press and hold when in camera mode and it will add me! Feel free to leave your usernames below so we can add you too, mines asocalledbeauty.

Follow any of these accounts already? Who are your faves?

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