Christmas 2016 | Makeup + More

Since its the last day of 2016, the last day of December (well that goes without saying), I thought it would be perfect timing to kick off my blogging schedule again after the holidays and family time. I've had a fabulous little Christmas, it has been wonderful coming back to see my family and spending the festive season in their company, how has your Christmas been? I received mostly makeup (typical) but also a couple of books this year, and I really wanted to share them here on my blog! So, for those of you who like these kinds of posts, like me, I hope you enjoy! What did you get this year?

Last Minute Winter Beauty Additions

I do so much beauty shopping around this time of year, and not just as gifts for people, so without really noticing it all ends up mounted up on my desk for review at the end of the week - in need of photographing, reviewing and and then eventual using. With only 4 days until Christmas (eeeekkkk 😝) you may still need to shop for some gifts for your loved ones (or yourself) or just take advantage of the Winter festive sales. What are your recent beauty additions for winter?

Winter Face Line-up

Other than sticking with my go to Foundation combo (Bourjois 123 Perfect + Clinique Beyond Perfecting), my face powders and additional creams are always changing, and I'm constantly adding and interchanging new gems in the collection. This time of year I find myself adding a few more creams to the line-up as to not make my face too matte or dry looking; but I still have some of my go-to powders partnered with Mac's Fix+ for that extra dewiness. What I love about winter makeup is how you can afford to make the layers slightly thicker, and play around with concealer/foundation/powder combinations to achieve a flawless finish. I can't wait to explore more! What is your winter line-up like?

Mini Winter 2016 Lookbook | The Faves

You may have already guessed/read in previous posts that I am currently at University (and can't wait for the Christmas Holidays so I can go home) so the majority of my Autumn/Winter wardrobe have been simple, staple piece based looks for a school environment. I thought I'd put together a Mini Look Book of my favourite pieces for the season that I love wearing, featuring Zaful, DressLily, Rose Gal and a little help from Betabrand. Right now in the bitter cold, I love wearing my usual favourites but adding a little extra warmth to suit the season. What are your current favourite looks for the season? 

Current Eye Wardrobe | The Faves

I adore the autumn/winter makeup seasons for many reasons, but updating my Eye wardrobe is by far my favourite thing about seasonal makeup changes. As you may know from previous eye shadow palette posts, I am obsessed with anything eye shadow palette related, so switching up the intensity of my shadow looks is one of the best feelings. I thought I'd put together my key eye wardrobe features for this coming season with some old faves and some new exciting additions. With Christmas this close, I'm thinking about the gorgeous intense looks I can do for the festivities this year, its all so exciting! What are your current cold weather eye wardrobe faves? 

Thoughts of The Day | Uni, Blog Updates + more

So it's been a while since I did a more chit chat life based post, but seeing as university work and life in general has been getting in the way of my passions i.e. blogging fashion and beauty, I wanted to take this much deserved break from work to get back in and talk about what's been going on lately. If you're at college/high school and are thinking of going to university, my experience from the last 3 months might help, but also if you're just an interested reader who wants the low down on my life, blog and what's to come, then keep reading. I'll try not to be too long winded!

Autumn + Winter Lip Transitions

Aaaaannddd we're back! You may have noticed I had some issues with my Go Daddy domain renewal and basically my blog wasn't 'my blog' for about 48 hours or so; it was super scary. But we're back now, and I'll address all that fun stuff in an upcoming post. For today I wanted to chat about my current lip transitions for Autumn/Winter, diving into some of the changes I will/won't be making this season. My makeup kit stays with me wherever I go (I travel a lot, so I carry a huge vanity case) but what I reach for tends to change when the colder weather starts coming in. That being said there are some lippies I reach for, no matter what season it is. What are your autumn/winter lip transitions this year? 

October Birchbox Unboxing

I feel like every month these boxes are just getting better and better, and even though I'm almost at the end of my subscription, there's no sadness at all I'm just filled with delight every time one of them comes to my door. In the spirit of Autumn/Winter beauty transitioning, this months box has definitely provided me with products that are ideal for taking care of the hair and skin when the weather gets colder and the skin needs a little more love. What did you receive in your subscription box this month?

New From Sephora | Skincare + More

I feel like, even though I shop at Sephora very regularly, I'd never really tried anything new from their extensive range of skincare, makeup and beauty accessories. Well that all changed on my most recent trip there, just before seeing Bridget Jones Baby (epic film btw!) in the cinema; I had time to kill so I got to spending - bad idea! The outcome, however, wasn't a bundle of branded makeup, this time round I picked up some new Sephora branded goodies to try and for once, a couple of things I genuinely needed. What did you pick up on your last beauty shopping trip?

Eyeshadow Palette Collection + Wishlist

I recently had a huge makeup clear out/ organisation session and having put all my current palettes together, I thought it would be a good idea to do a collection post! Eye shadow palettes are by far my most favourite things to buy/have when it comes to makeup and although I don't have that many, my plans for the future are quite extensive (or I should say rather, expensive). I'm more of a matte girl, but I do like to include the odd shimmer now and again. My current, full eyeshadow palette wishlist is also included in today's post; I am so happy to share what palettes I've fallen head over heals in love with. What are your favourite eye shadow palettes? Tried any of mine?

2 Year Blogiversary + Instagram Giveaway!

Okay so I know what you might be thinking, my official 2 year Blogiversary was indeed back in July, but I've been so busy, I just couldn't get around to making this post until now; in October! Just goes to show how organised I am, but realistically I didn't expect much better from myself when experiencing major shell shock from the amount of University work I'd get in the first couple of months being here. But its here now, I can officially sign off on another happy, successful year of doing what I love. That's the beauty of blogging, ultimately you make your own rules, content and working hours; forever enjoying the journey. 

Latest Facial Spray Faves

If you're a regular reader, or know me personally, then you'll know I adore and worship facial spays as not only part of my standard skincare routine, but also a key element in my daily life for going to gym, outings and makeup touch-ups. I believe there's a facial spray out there for everyone that'll make you adore the concept of facial sprays all together; for me that was Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. Since using the bottle up, I have recently purchased a new one, which you'll be seeing in the near future; but today I wanted to chat about the new and latest sprays I've been using that are currently ticking all the boxes. 

A Touch of Rose Gold w/ ChloBo

I don't think anyone is quite over the Rose Gold craze yet, and I'm certainly not getting over it any time soon. Have you seen the new rose gold hair trend? I think even Kylie Jenner's done it; it never stops! There has been quite a lot of jewellery featured on my blog in the past, and you may remember my last Jewellery Update with Happiness Boutique (post here) featuring some gorgeous diamond shaped statement rose gold earrings. This time around gorgeous doesn't quite cut it when describing the latest piece I've fallen in love from ChloBo. What rose gold pieces are you sporting this season? 

Testing: Bodycare ft. Lilets & Forever Living

One of my favourite things to do is try new things, especially beauty products. I am the least bit neurophobic, but when it comes to introducing new beauty items to my collection, the trailing period is super important. Throughout the last month leading up to October and Autumn, I've been trialling some new goodies that I'd like to share from Lilets and Forever Living. What have you been trialling lately? 

H&M Haul | The Basics

Judging by the hauls I've been doing recently, I seem to shop at H&M quite a lot thanks to where I live currently being super close to a massive H&M store; you can't really blame me. This time around I stuck to more of the accessories and lingerie, but my local store has so much plus a massive Homeware section, and we all know how gorgeous H&M home is. One thing I was dissapointed by was that despite being such a huge branch, they had no H&M sport which is what I'd originally came for. I'm not, however, the sort of person to walk away empty handed, so I picked up a few basics that caught my eye. What have you picked up recently? 

September Birchbox Unboxing

Sunday has become my 'write and promote posts day' so as well as regular end of week posting, there should be a lot more from my blog scheduled during the week whilst I'm busy stuck in the books. I commend anyone out there at University still maintaining their full blogging schedule, I simply don't know how you do it! But, one cause for celebration is the gorgeous September issue of Birchbox in collaboration with Wear Lemonade. A very quirky, colourful and as always brilliant set of products to kick off Autumn. What did you get this month? 

Autumn Jewellery Update

When Autumn comes around, my wardrobe isn't the only thing that gets a slight recharge. As much as I like adding browns, oranges and warm autumn tones to my clothes, I also love adding a few extra bits to my Jewellery collection. As I've just entered University, it's important I have the appropriate accessories to wear for social events and outings, as well as different pieces to vary each day. I currently have 3 ear piercings (post to come regarding those!) and I love accessorising with them, so earrings were a must have for my Jewellery Update. What have you added to your jewellery collection this season?  

University Haul | Kitchen Essentials

If you follow me on Instagram (@asocalledbeauty) then you'll know I just moved in to my University Accommodation, where I've finally organised and arranged my clothes, shoes, books, kitchen utensils, food and most importantly, beauty products. But today I'm focusing on my Kitchen Utensils and essentials that I've picked up to begin my new life as a self catered, first year student of English Literature and Spanish. It's something a little different, but I wanted to share my last splurge haul on some new kitchen stuff. So, if you're about to go to Uni or are thinking about going next year, then this might help you decide what you need to pick up. What are you currently studying? What are your kitchen essentials?

August Birchbox Unboxing

Just before the start of September I've made it in the knick of time to release my August Birchbox Unboxing, probably one of my most favourite boxes despite the fact that it only included nail polish in the Makeup section of this months lineup. I believe this will be the last of the summer themed boxes, as this month we received a very tropical themed box with Rio 2016 in mind; it was a nice touch. What did you receive this month?

NEW IN: Makeup Revolution

So, I've never been a 'Blush' person, I carry a small blush palette by Sleek, which is one, modest peach toned compact shade that I lightly apply to my already reddened cheeks. Hence why I don't spend too much money on Blush related products, and stick to the more affordable brands that will still do the trick. This week's affordable purchase is from Makeup Revolution, a brand I've of course heard great things about, but never tried until now. The Ultra Blush Sugar & Spice Palette and the Golden Sugar Palette were obvious picks for me, gorgeous yet affordable new palettes to try. What are your go-to Blush products?

Get Ready With Me: Night Out w/ Airtime

I don't know about you but for me, getting ready for events, nights out or parties can be such a lengthy, stressful experience since I'm always late and can never decide what to where whilst in the middle of singing along to my favourite hit songs. It's a mess. But today I thought I'd do a Night Out Get Ready With Me so we can stress out together, however I'd also like to introduce a new key element to my getting ready experience in the form of an app; the Airtime App. What is your getting ready experience like? 

NEW IN: Latest Sephora Pickups

Just before I went completely broke getting my hands on Kylie Cosmetics' new Kyshadow and the  Matte Liquid Lipstick Dolce K, I had a little shopping spree on for a few things I need to top up on or replace. If you're a regular around here then you'll know that I adore Sephora and whenever I get the chance to visit one I relish it. Sephora stores, however, don't always have all the brands that I like e.g. Too Faced, so it's always more fun receiving all the things I like through the post instead. But this time I went for Sleek, Benefit and a gem from the Sephora Collection itself. 

6 Months Of Birchbox | The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

As I mentioned in my previous Birchbox Unboxing post for July, I am doing a 6 monthly review of all the products that I've received from Birchbox so far. The good, the bad and the ugly. I think it would give you and I a chance to see how worth it Birchbox has been since January, and see whether its worth subscribing to (and for me, continuing my subscription). I have a yearly subscription which came to around £130 (average price for most boxes), but as much as I love Birchbox, I'm always open to trying other subscription services to find the best one, with the best products and value for money. What subscription service do you like? 

Kylie Cosmetics Unboxing ~ First Impressions

Life // 3 Good Things

I rarely do focused lifestyle posts or 'life updates' but there are a few things that I really wanted to share. When you're life is about to change quite significantly, a lot of go through your head and many of those thoughts stem from fear. For me, there are a few changes that will drastically affect my daily life; where I live and and my schedule, but it hopefully won't inhibit me from doing the things that I love, like blogging for example. What big changes are happening or going to happen in your life? 

Updated: French Pharmacy Skincare

As some of you may know, I love everything to do with France including it's skincare which is second to none in my opinion. I often make trips to French pharmacies whenever I can (at the expense of my bank account...), and this time around I topped up on all of my pharmacy favourites with a few new additions. Price range wise, some products, especially from La Roche Posay, are very reasonable however some are quite a lot more expensive namely Vichy. What are your French pharmacy favourites? 

Style // The Blues

In the summer I like to wear a lot of light, bright and summer inspired colours during the majority of the season, but when it comes to accessories I still like a darker colour palette. This wasn't a conscious choice, however, I ended up realising some time last week that my three main accessories are this gorgeous dark blue; a complete coincidence. I love the contrast it makes with the whites, light pinks, and pastel shades of my summer wardrobe, they're my favourite summer style combos. What are your favourite accessories for the summer? 
Selfridges, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Yo! Sushi | The Food Diaries

As some of you may know, last month I was travelling around the U.K and France, visiting friends and family, and on the way I stopped off in Birmingham specifically to shop at the Bullring. If you've never been to the Bullring in Birmingham, I highly recommend you do, because along the way you'll find the Selfridges Food Court. I love Sushi so it was a no brainer when we saw the Yo! Sushi sign that we'd eat there, and it was definitely a good decision. In the food court you'll also find a very tempting Krispy Kreme donut bar, which we just managed to dodge, just. Have you ever eaten at Yo! Sushi? 

July Birchbox Unboxing

This month marks the half a year point of my Birchbox subscription and even though that means that technically I've only received 6 boxes, with the amount of products I've gained, it feels like so much more than that. I have another 6 months of this years subscription left (as I purchased the yearly package for £130) so I'm planning to do a half a year roundup in a post to come so watch out for that. Back to this month however, and I've received a gorgeous, glow in the dark box with another 5 amazing products to try out. What have you received in your subscription box this month? 

Ricoh Arena, Coventry, West Midlands, UK

Rihanna Anti Tour 2016

Over the latest few weeks I was very lucky to be present at both Rihanna and Beyoncé's concerts in the UK, Rihanna in Coventry and Beyoncé in London (post to come). I had such an amazing time travelling around the UK just visiting friends, shopping and having a great time in the summer. Now that it's all cooled off, I can look back at my Rihanna memories with a smile on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed her concert, although there were a few things that weren't so positive about it (no fault of Rihanna's) that I ought to mention along the way, but ultimately if you're in a country that she's still touring around or going to, I highly recommend getting yourself a ticket to see her! Have you been to any of Rihanna's Anti Tour concerts?

NEW IN: Summer Makeup

Settling back into life after a hectic two week travel schedule has been so hard, but I'm (officially) back to normal now. What I'm happy to be changing, however, is my Makeup collection with some new additions from Seventeen and Benefit to brighten my summer makeup looks. If you've ever shopped in Boots then you'd have seen the radiant Seventeen section full of affordable surprises. This is my first time using Seventeen makeup and it's been so much fun exploring the line; what's not so new is, of course, Benefit with their gorgeous Watt's Up Highlighter that happened to land in my basket at the Airport duty free store (sorry not sorry). What are your recent Summer Makeup purchases?

Summer Jewellery Edit 2016 + GIVEAWAY!

I'm finally back from my *wifi-less* trip, so I can share my 2016 Summer jewellery edit with the pieces I'm adding to my jewellery collection this season. When it comes to the summer months, I like to wear more gold pieces and statement earrings whenever I can; however some accented pieces, including floral themes, also work well with a light summer look. This seasons Jewellery Edit is extra special as not only is it in collaboration with Kaya Jewellery but we're bringing you a £40 voucher International giveaway at the end of this post. What are your favourite pieces to bring out in the summer? Shopped Kaya Jewellery before?

Summer with YSLs Black Opium

It might not be the scent of the summer, but it's my current favourite and if you ever met me in person, you'd smell this. I don't change from perfume to perfume that often, but each season I like to establish a perfect scent that I'd be happy to sport all the time, encapsulating the essence of what that season means to me that year, fashion and beauty wise. Black Opium from YSL was first introduced to me at a Gemini Woman blogging event last year and I just remember loving everything about it. Since then the smell has lingered on my mind until I finally got it this summer, to take centre stage as my main summer scent. What is your Summer 2016 scent? Do you have a specific fragrance you use often?

Summer Staples w/ JD Williams

Those of you in Britain and some parts of France will know exactly what I'm talking about when I say we've not really experienced proper summer just yet. Whilst I'm eagerly awaiting the consistent hot, lovely weather, there's no harm in preparing my wardrobe for holidays, sunny days and the summer months that will hopefully be coming soon. My favourite summer pieces tend to be flowy skirts, dresses, shirts and shorts paired with sandals or flip flops. Today I'm sharing my favourite JD Williams pieces for the summer, what are yours?

Beauty Travel Kit

Next week I'm going to be travelling in and around the UK and France, which includes multiple train rides, planes and moving from place to place to place. I don't think I've ever travelled this much at once in my whole life, and packing my beauty kit is hard at the best of times. But the key to packing as light and efficient as possible, without sacrificing your health, hygiene and overall look, is packing the right stuff that will serve you whilst you're away. If, like me, you find it so hard to pack lightly when it comes to beauty products, then this post might post might give you a few ideas along the way. What are your most valuable packing tricks?

June Birchbox Unboxing

It's been almost 6 months since I signed up for Birchbox in late December, it's lovely see the variations in products and themes depending on the season. This month, on time this time, for June there are some new products to try out for summer. My current summer obsessions have been berry or floral flavoured products, and shades of a more vibrant, luminescent tone. What are your favourite summer products? What products did you receive this month?

NEW IN: H&M Accessories

A new H&M store has opened up very close to my home and its huge. It includes their homeware, male and female fashion as well as kids and lingerie. I find any excuse to make a trip down there, and this time around I came away with some very affordable accessories I can't wait to put into action. If you live near an H&M or get the opportunity to go to one soon, especially the bigger stores, then I highly recommend looking at their current collections as well as maybe picking up some Home ware, because theirs is second to none (and so affordable!). What are your latest accessory purchases?

Sequin Ray Luminising Quad | & Other Stories Beauty

In case you missed it, in my Exploring & Other Stories Skincare post I reviewed and tested 6 skincare products from their collection and was throughly surprised, if you didn't catch it its here. Today, continuing with the & Other Stories Beauty theme, I'm testing out their new Sequin Ray Luminising Quad* a multi purpose highlighting set perfect for the summer. I'm mad about highlighters and was so excited to try this new one out; the formula is slightly different to what I'm used to but appears to have so much range and versatility. Have you explored & Other Stories Makeup yet?

(A Very Late) May Birchbox Unboxing

Finally I can go back to my regular blogging schedule, as all my exams are over. I know it's pretty late but I couldn't miss out on doing my monthly Birchbox Unboxing series. This week I'm really loving the contents of my May Birchbox, and having teamed up with Dream Factory this months box came with a unique design and the chance to win one of  9 generous prizes. If, like me, May wasn't the best month then any of the products will be sure to brighten your day. What did you get this month from your subscription service? 

Simple Ways to Improve Your Skincare Routine

I love my current skincare routine but whilst each product may have worked perfectly for me to begin with, there comes a time when your skin is no longer as healthy looking or feeling as before. There are quite a few reasons why this can happen, but there are many ways to address this issue so your skin is consistently glowing, healthy and at it's best throughout the year, without constantly buying new products. What are your main skin issues? 

My Current Makeup Tools

You may remember from a few months ago, I did a post all about my Current Skincare Tools, because they're just as important as the products you use. I think the same applies for Makeup tools, the better the brush, sponge or applicator, the better your makeup looks, no matter how expensive the products are. I've gone through my entire makeup drawer and pulled out my most used and relied upon tools for applying my makeup, as well as cleaning them. I'm quite happy with my current line up but I'm always looking elsewhere to add more brushes or tools to my collection. If there's more out there, then I'll find an excuse as to why I need it. What are your current, go-to makeup tools?

What's on my iPad + Cosmonaut Review

Since I'm in the midst of my exams for uni, I've decided to post once or twice a week, staying as active as possible until they're done. Today I'm delighted to be talking about my iPad 4 Mini; the apps, tips and ways I incorporate blog stuff onto it. I also thought it would be the perfect time to review the latest stylus that I've been trying out, The Cosmonaut, because a stylus is just what I needed for my iPad. What's on your iPad/tablet? 

Exploring & Other Stories Skincare

When I discovered & Other Stories had their own collection of skincare, make up and body care products, I just couldn't resist. Starting off with skincare, around £30 later I'd ordered a nice selection of products to try. Their skincare range is surprisingly vast consisting of cleansers, makeup removers, facial sprays, lip balms and more. I'm often skeptical when clothing brands venture into beauty, but with the surprising success of TopShop's makeup and the popularity of H&M's entire beauty range, they're well worth a try before you write them off. Reasonably priced, great ingredients, and a gorgeous design; & Other Stories skincare can't help but impress you. Ever tried their skincare range?
If you're yet to find your favourite eye make up remover, or just aren't a fan of micellar waters, then their Double Duty Eye Make-up Remover may be just what you're looking for. Ophthalmologically tested with Lash Protecting Pro-Vitamin B5, this was the first product I tried from & Other Stories Skincare to begin my evening skincare routine. As soon as I tried it I thought to myself "is it possible for a product I've only just tried, to become my favourite?" I was so surprised at how gentle and soothing it was, plus it's effectiveness was second to none. My eye makeup came off so quickly, and easily compared to my micellar waters and other eye make up removers; I cannot stress enough how good this stuff is. After using it I also felt my skin had greatly benefitted from its minimal yet effective ingredients, it felt softerpurer and completely soothed. Perfect for the sensitive skin around the eyes. 

Price: £5 // 125ml 

Important ingredients: Sweet Almond oil, Corn Extract, Wheat and Soy Protien, Olive Fruit Oil, Rose Water, and Radish Extracts
Moving straight on to the second stage of my skincare routine, I turned to the Tussah Cleansing Gel. In my eyes this is again a winner; it's so gentle and smells amazing with a healthy blend of minerals and beneficial ingredients. & Other Stories claim that it promotes clear and radiant skin, and removes excessive oil whilst balancing out the skins moisture. I find that it helps tremendously with my combination skin as it evens out the PH of the skin and hydrates it enough for a healthy balance of oils producing soft, supple skin. It's a more foaming gel as a pose to melting, so I like to use it for my first cleansing stage with an exfoliating brush. I really love how great this feels on my skin; it didn't cause any unnecessary break outs, in fact in prevented blemishes from appearing and promoted a more glowy complexion

Price: £5 // 125ml

Important ingredients: Chamomile Flower Water, Fruit extracts, Citric Acid, Sugar Cane, Orange extract, Lemon Extract and Sugar Maple extract
If you're a regular reader then you'll know I absolutely adore toners, hydrating or acid, I love trying new ones out and adding them to my skincare collection. Whilst & Other Stories are yet to bring out an acid toner (which I think they definitely should) they've got a very nice Spray Genie Face Mist with pure mineral water to perfectly hydrate the skin post cleanse or during the day when the skin needs a pick-me-up. I like to use this directly after my acid toner with a few spirits of this before my serums and moisturiser. I love the packaging, it's simple, chic and very practical; the product comes out really well out of the spray top and delivers perfect hydration in just 2 or 3 pumps. My skin has been visibly smoother and clearer since using this instead of my other spray toners, I couldn't be happier with the results so far.

Price: £7 // 100ml

Important Ingredients: Rose Water, Citrus Amara Flower, Tilia Cordata Water, and Chamomile Flower Water
I thought it was only right to pick up a few of their essential skincare tools, starting off with their soft Cotton Pads (consisting of 80) and their Sticks (consisting of 200). There's really nothing special about these two but it's nice to know you can get almost everything you need all from & Other Stories alone. The cotton pads are a little softer than I'm used to and the sticks (aka cotton buds or cue tips) are strong and very handy.

Having been so pleasantly surprised by the quality and results gained from using these products, I'm so eager to try the rest of & Other Stories' skincare collection as well as the rest of their beauty ranges. The design and simplicity of ingredients is so impressive, plus the prices are mind blowing given the quality and quantity. Some products are also perfect sizes for travelling with a little bit more to spare, and all the products are dermatologically tested as well as suited to all skin types. 

Other products you can buy from their skincare range include; Toile Lip Oil, Moiré Anti-Stress Serum, Cashmere Hydrating Cream, Gentle Cleansing Wipes, Camlet Hand Balm, Organza Eye Cream, Lip Balm in Mint, Lemon and Coconut

What are your first impressions of & Other Stories Skincare? Tried any of these products before?

Carli Bybel x BH Cosmetics Eye Shadow & Highlighter Palette

As promised, today I'm doing a full overview of Carli Bybel's collaboration with BH Cosmetics on this gorgeous Eye Shadow and Highlighter Palette. Sorry for the weeks delay, those of you who've applied or are applying to uni know exactly what its like this time of year! Anyway, I've been following Carli Bybel on youtube since she had maybe 200 subs, I know its clichĂ©, but her journey is simply awe inspiring to me and once you get stuck into her videos you can't help but love her. We got a first look at her palette back in August 2015, then shortly after it was released at the price of $20/£14. At the moment it's selling for on $12.50/£8 thanks to a 38% off sale on BH Cosmetics makeup, so don't hesitate to pick one up whilst it's on sale! Are you subscribed to Carli on youtube? Have her palette yet?

April Birchbox Unboxing

This months Birchbox had a slightly different format for April as they've teamed up with Pantone creating a tin of health and beauty favourites. It was such a pleasant surprise to find this in my mail, the tin is very spacious and can definitely be reused, unlike the card board boxes! As always there are a few new brands in the selection, but also a couple of familiar faces that I was more than happy to see again. There's a bit of everything in beauty for April, and I'm excited to share my first impressions and eventually a full review if the product works for me! What did you receive this month?
To kick of this months box overview, I've received yet another Beauty Protector product which I couldn't be more delighted about. They specialise in mainly hair care but also a couple of body care products including April's Beauty Wash Body Cleanser. It has such a soft, sweet scent and works well for those who shower and bath; they recommend pouring a little into your bath water for a gorgeous smelling bathing experience in the tub or used as a shower gel. This brand is exclusively carried by Birchbox right now, but I'm sure as it grows, they'll branch out. A few months ago I received their Protect and Detangle hair spray which has been really good, so I have high hopes for this next item. 

In the skincare department, by a new brand I've never used or heard of before, it's an exfoliating cleansing gel with Aloe Vera and exfoliating beads. La RosĂ©e is a french brand based in Paris, exclusively with skincare in mind. Their Soft Face Cleanser is said to exfoliate, smooth and purify the skin and targets the congested pores in the evening. I'm not always keen on bead cleansers because they can get stuck in your flannels, brushes and cloths for ages, but this one after first using it yesterday, seemed pretty un-stressful. Containing 0% parabens, jojoba oil and, of course, Aloe Vera, the skin will definitely benefit from this. 
Another skincare mini included this month is the cult classic Lait-CrĂ©me ConcentrĂ© by Embryolisse, a french brand I'm certainly familiar with. If you read my recent Evening Skincare Post you'll have probably seen the full sized version among my favourite moisturisers to use at night. But, it's also great under makeup and an all round skin fix. I couldn't be more happy to get another tube of this from my Birchbox, and even happier that its a travel size so I can take it with me when I go on holiday. (Full price: £27)

Birchbox always seem to hit the spot with their inclusion of some fabulous new, old, unknown and known hair care brands/products, so I have high hopes for this one. Hip's Cocoon Shampoo is a sweet, nourishing product that uniquely targets the delicate scalp fibres and softens the hair to the touch. I can imagine it would be great with dry scalps, dry hair and damaged hair from heat, the sun or colouring. It specifically targets hair with some sort of damage, and keeps in mind that the health of the scalp is half the battle. I'm hoping, since the warmer months often dry my hair out, this will be very handy soon.
Makeup in a Birchbox is the most exciting part for me, and this month its from the brand Sumita (eye and brow artistry) which I didn't know of until now. Boy am I glad I finally do! Birchox included this mini Sumita Eye Liner Pencil in brown (my preferred eye liner shade) and it is gorgeous. I wore it just last night for a party and loved how easy it was so apply, and how well it stayed on. You are guaranteed a 'bold colour'  and a 'waterproof', 'oil enriched formula' that glides on smoothly and stays on for hours.  The brand itself specialise in brow products, eyeliners, mascaras, and brushes all of the same amazing quality and priced pretty reasonably. I'm not sure why I've not heard of this brand before, but I most certainly will be exploring it further! 

What subscription service are you on? What did you get this month? Tried any of my new products?

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