Irresistable Me Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are some of the most used beauty items out there, and I think it's super important to find the right ones that look amazing, but most importantly look natural. I've been cursed with hair that really doesn't grow that fast so extensions are my answer when I'm looking for a little more length and something more to play with. If you've ever wondered what extensions the majority of people are using and loving, its most likely Irresistible Me. I've been using their extensions for a while now and I've not loved extensions this much before.  Do you use hair extensions? Ever used Irresistible Me's?

Latest Skinnydip favourites

I first discovered Skinnydip London through their iPhone cases, which are absolutely gorgeous and some of the best ones I've seen available. I love dressing my iPhone up and putting on some really pretty cases to enhance the phones beauty. Of course iPhone cases aren't they only thing they sell; these days you can get anything from handbags, makeup accessories, purses to headphones, chic portable chargers and even stickers. My latest order from their site was my first venture into their sticker department to enhance the already gorgeous purse from there foldable range. What did you last buy from Skinnydip? 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Review | Worth the hype?

Every once in a while I give in to the hype and buy a product that everyone is talking about, typically something skincare or makeup related. This time round, I half-splurged on a popular product by a brand I already love, Nuxe. Having used their RĂªve de Miel Lip balm (it's phenomenal and each little tub lasts ages) for many years now, I had every faith their Huile Prodigieuse would be worth the hype. Since it's winter my skin is dry and in need of a lot more hydration, so a new facial oil is definitely handy right now. What are your favourite Nuxe products?


Nuxe brought out Huile Prodigieuse along with its shimmery sister version as multi-facetited oil, not only for the face but also for the hair and body. I'm a sucker for anything that does more than one thing or benefits more than one area, so this was hugely appealing to me. One thing to note, this is a dry oil so unlike The Body Shop's Vitamin E Serum-in-oil (which I love) it's not going to make your skin look overly shiny or greasy. I tend to leave those kinds of products for the evening so it can soak in over night. This dry oil is perfect for all times of the day that if and when it's needed. So, whilst not showing up as a greasy, thick layer on the skin, it moisturises, softens and repairs almost invisibly. 


As with any product, especially nourishing ones, ingredients are crucial. Because this oil can do a whole lot to hair and skin, the ingredients basically need to be fool proof. With 96% natural ingredients, I'm definitely comfortable putting it on my body. Stand out ingredients among the natural range were Macadamia, Hazelnut, and Sweet Almond, all very much appealing if your looking to improve and maintain healthy looking (and feeling) skin.


To briefly round up my opinion of this oil in a few words I'd have to say, I love it. However, to break it down, the reasons are endless. Most importantly, however, it did in fact do wonders on my face in all my dry areas (thanks winter), so much so that despite the fact I use a lot of products, this oil really stood out. Nuxe recommend mixing it with your sun creams or other creams you apply to your skin for an added boost, but I've also loved mixing it with my foundations this season, to ensure a very smooth, even coverage. 

Personally I think it's worth the price tag (£28) and the hype, because not only is my entire body benefiting from it's nourishing goodness, I do so much with it that it's gradually becoming my go-to oil for everything. Obviously getting hooked to something with a major price tag isn't too smart, but if I were to splurge on only one or two products I would without a doubt chose this one.

Ever tried Huile Prodigieuse? Do you think it's worth the hype?

Skin Treatments for Anti Ageing Success

I'm delighted to welcome and introduce Tim Hamilton to A So Called Beauty Blog and its readers! For today Tim has a guest post about successful skin treatments for Anti Ageing, enjoy!

The Winter Lineup

I love planning my beauty routines per season, it makes it so much easier to deal with the way my skin changes when the weather does. For my skin (combination, oily T-zone, sometimes sensitive) the winter weather generally requires a more hydrating routine, with products that aren't too mattifying. Also, as there's no sun to improve my collection, I like to include a bronzer or two for a bit more colour and shine. Despite seasonal weather changes I like to maintain a dewy, natural look throughout the year so I need to make a few changes each time. What is your winter lineup?


Benefit's They're Real mascara has been my holy grail mascara for a long time now, and I tend not to use anything else in winter. If I'm going for a more dramatic eye look, I like to layer it with Urban Decay's Perversion mascara for the added volume. Whilst I don't line my eyes in winter, I like to use a few darker shades from my Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette, like cover, primal and undone


My favourite primer right now is L'oreal's Infallible Primer; I love to use it, and no matter what season it always works for me. During winter I just make sure to use a heavier moisturiser for added hydration when needed. Recently I've started using Urban Decay's Naked Concealer, and since it hardly creases I don't need to dry out my face with a powder on top.

For foundation, I've been using Sephora's medium coverage mixed with The Body Shop's Vitamin E Serum-in-oil for added hydration and easy application. On less busy days or when my skin is feeling clogged, I like to use Urban Decay's gorgeous universal Beauty Balm which is a glowy tinted moisturiser for all shades that gives a lovely dewy finish. As it's oil free, I make sure to use a thicker moisturiser underneath my primer. 

As there's hardly any sun this time of year, I like to use The Body Shop's Honey Bronzer in shade 3, for a natural, glowy, sun kissed finish. What do you use to add a pop sunshine into your complexion?


Unless I'm attending an event or party, I go for a very minimal, natural lip. Using a nude lip liner, mine's by L'oreal, I just accentuate my lips slightly to complete the look. Thanks to the cold, my lips always get chapped and dehydrated, so I layer that with The Body Shop's lip balm in peach. 

What is your winter lineup? 

January Birch Box Unboxing

As of last month, I've been subscribed to probably the most well known (correct me if I'm wrong) beauty box subscription of the moment, Birch Box. The online Birch Box store has been one of my favourite go-to online beauty stores, but until now I hadn't had the pleasure of receiving a box each month to try out some gorgeous new brands. And that's the magic of Birch Box, brands you may not have heard of, or tried yet, are at your doorstep (literally) every month. Today I thought I'd share what Birch Box brought out for their January Box seeing as the excitement is killing me right now. Are you subscribed to Birch Box, or a subscription service like it?

Hand care essentials

For me Hand care is a key part of my daily routine; since I work with horses and dogs during the week, my hands go through quite a lot. Neglecting your hands can lead to weak nails, rough, damaged skin and an overall tired look. Even if you don't do strenuous work with you hands daily, its really important to look after them the right way. What are you hand care essentials?

Tips to update your wardrobe within your budget

For today's post I'm going to pass you on to blogger Freya Lowe who's going to chat to you about updating your wardrobe on a budget. I hope you enjoy todays guest post!

Many people think that it is expensive to update your wardrobe as you need to spend a lot of money while buying clothes. The other way to save money is by buying cheap clothes for less. This is actually not true. You can save a lot by making some little adjustments to the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe. In case you want to shop for new clothes, you need to shop wisely by planning your whole shopping thing. So look out for these simple tips that will help you to update your wardrobe.

Prom Dress Shopping with Milly Bridal

Back in 2013, around this time of year in fact, I was frantically searching for the perfect prom dress for my end of year Prom. For many people around the world their school Prom or Ball or Dance, is a huge deal and a chance to get super glam with your friends, eat extravagant food and dance the night away. Thanks to Milly Bridal you can get a gorgeous dress for your Prom without any worries or stress. Has your Prom been and gone? These dresses are perfect for any event, you'll look drop dead gorgeous either way. 

Latest Sephora Pickups

Not been to Sephora before? If so you've certainly been missing out on something major. Since discovering the many brands, products and samples at Sephora, it has been my go-to beauty destination; online and in store. Recently, in France no less, I picked up a few makeup gems to add to my ever growing collection. Unlike my previous trips I actually knew exactly what I wanted to buy this time, but as usual I went away with at least one spontaneous buy (I can never stick to a list, okay!?). What are your makeup must haves from Sephora?

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know I've had the Naked Palette 2 for a while now, but as it's quite bulky I thought I'd buy Urban Decay's Naked Basics 2 Palette for travel and ease of use. I know some people who swear by this little nugget of beautiful colours, and I can see just why. Despite the fact that you only get six colours, each colour is gorgeous and they're carefully picked to incorporate all the essential shades. I love the packaging, its so chic and small. The light colours are perfect for base shades as well as on their own, but my favourite colours are Frisk and Primal. Swatches are to come in a review later on! Ever tried the Naked Palette series?
Sticking with Urban Decay, I've recently become hooked to their Naked Skin range of products so I purchased their hugely popular Naked Skin Concealer in Neutral. Ever heard of baking? If not, neither had I until recently, but it's basically baking your concealer on your face by using a light translucent powder directly on top of it straight after its application. This helps reduce creasing and the overall look of your concealer is cleaner and more natural. The reason I mention this is because despite the fact I don't bake with my concealers, I've found that the Naked Skin Concealer hardly creases at all and the finish is desirably natural too. Who needs baking with this gem?

Lastly, my spontaneous buy this time around was actually Sephora's very own foundation that was strongly recommended to me by one of the sales assistants (of course); she basically told me that the coverage was natural and not too thick, breathable and smooth so I thought for just under £15 I would go for it. It's not the best foundation I've ever tried, it can look a bit cakey in my opinion, but only time will tell. Having used Tarte's Amazonian Clay and Bobbi Brown's Long Wear foundations, my all time favourites, I have quite a high standard for foundations because I hate my skin to look cakey and unnatural. Got any good foundation recommendations?

What are your makeup must haves? What do you usually pick up from sephora?

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